Friday, April 27, 2007

Let Me Hear

They think that they'll see flowers
If only they give water
But the harvest season's over
The time has passed

Here in the dark I'm sittin'
The answer that soon I'm gettin'
How do I know where it comes from?
Just wanna feel safe with you

Now let me hear your voice
Just for once
'Cause you've mixed all my bits
You grabbed all my soul
You've taken everything over
Now let me hear your voice
Just for once
You know you can make me smile
You can make me cry
And take me out from these nights of longing

You know how long I've waited
I wonder what has faded
The color of those petals
destroyed in mud

Give your hand, can you feel now
Close your eyes, then you'll reach out
The feeling you have now
Should be all transformed to love

Now let me hear your voice
Just for once
'Cause you've mixed all my bits
You grabbed all my soul
You've taken everything over
Now let me hear your voice
Just for once
You know you can make me smile
You can make me cry
And take me out from these nights of longing

Now let me hear your voice
Just for once
'Cause you've mixed all my bits
You grabbed all my soul
You've taken everything over
Now let me hear your voice
Just for once
You know you can make me smile
You can make me cry
And take me out from these nights of longing
( Hear your voice ) Ah … Ah … Ah … ( x 4 )
(Hear your voice …)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 Down, 2 to Go!

Woo Hoo! 3rd paper down today! Programming! At last, I can delete all the C++ thingies from my laptop! And man, the paper was damn easy! The only question I have no idea at all how to do is question 2, so I just crapped something to fill in the otherwise blank page. I wrote: Make the wine tasters taste different 5 bottles each, and each bottle has at least 5 different tasters, then see which 5 dies XD. Oh, and in the end, I added an afterthought: "Why not let the king die? I mean, he's evil anyways @.@." Yeap, you got me right, I wrote that on the answer paper XD. Only in the bus did Kai Lin said his method, which made a lot of sense, haih... didn't think of it pula XP. Truthfully, I didn't study this morning when I wake up. 1st thing I do when I wake up is click on the link to, D. Gray-Man episode 18. Yeap, I'm crazy. I finished 2 animes from the start of study week til now. Now this is the 3rd anime since study week starts @.@ Have to blame chubs on the 3rd anime! He introduced it to me! Heh :P


Had dinner at KE VII Hall just now with a big bunch of friends :) Haven't had such a big gathering dunno in how many n years dy(and to avoid being corrected, like what Yin Chau did last time, n is floating point value XP). Truthfully from the bottom of my heart, I felt very happy during dinner. All of us gathering together to have dinner. Thanks Kai Lin for initiating this :) Haven't felt this content for n(again, floating point value) years dy ^^ Food is quite nice, One meat, one side dish, one vege, a bowl of soup, a glass of drink and a fruit for only 2.50. I mean, you can't find anywhere this cheap dy... Though price is cheap, it doesn't mean the quality is bad. The food tastes reasonably well. During dinner, lots of we talked about lots of funny stuffs. Like how Kai Lin's saliva.... XD. Oh, and today Kai Lin's pretty 'cham' oso, keep getting shoot whenever he opens his mouth to say something XD. Kai Lin>> Sorry ya for posting this up XD. Oh, and b4 I forget, two days ago during dinner, James holy riced and I almost kena! I'm sitting just opposite him, and the rice reach more than half the length of the table, lucky I finished my food dy XD. Trigger of his holy rice I think is about some scandalous stuffs about the vegetarian food aunty and the chicken rice uncle @.@ XD.


Oh, and happy birthday to Pei Suen! All the best!


My wallet tinggal three 2 dollar notes, and 2 dollars worth of coins. T_T Have to withdraw money tmrw or else won't have money for dinner dy XP. I find that my appetite increased during exam periods. So I think my expenditure on food increased dy, not yet exponentially though, or else my weight too will increase exponentially. Just checked my weight, luckily no changes yet :) Hmm.... what to do during holidays? Look at me here, exam haven't finished yet and yet already thinking about holidays *smacks self* Ok, got some sense back, but still dun wanna study *double slap* alright! I'm awake! Will study later after I finish one episode *megaton punch* Ok Ok! Will read 2 chapters after finish blogging and then only watch an episode of D. Gray-Man *pats self* *smiles*.

End of the episode! Ok, just when I wanna end this, something is happening beside me. apparently, the guys around me are all growing kids like me too. Kai Lin went up to buy peanuts just now, and chubs has a packet of twisties with him. And now James pula just came back from Georgies with some junk food and a packet of milk, chocolate milk, if I'm not mistaken. Can't blame them though. Me too feels a bit hungry, but I think I'll wait for the McD later. If there is anyone ordering *Please let there be someone who wants McD* *begs* *double-beg*


Ok, that's pathetic, but whatever. Signing out, ciao!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2 Down, 3 To Go!

Phew, screwed another paper! Wheeee!!!!! MLE just finished, and I think I suck big time. But what the heck, it's over dy, and I think I'd managed to scrape a pass at least :) Just wanna share my feelings on what's happening these few days. I came to realize that I'm not much different from my little doggie back at home. Just yesterday afternoon, was feeling pretty sucky, I had no idea why, but just felt very down. Was in function room, with no one close that I know around. Was pretty mush to the point of going to snap at anyone near me that time, thank god no one did anything to make me burst. After dinner, number of people that I like(Ok, it sounds wrong, but, what the heck. My Blog! Dun like it? scram!) start to increase exponentially in the function room. FElt very content that time. Reason? I have no idea. Just felt peace and sorts. Experimentally proven that human beings(at least this human being) needs company to be happy :P


A short joke on Exams:

In a philosophy exam, the professor placed a chair on top of his table, and asks the students to prove that the chair does not exist. All the students aside from Leo wrote furiously on their paper using every theory they have to prove that the chair doesn't exist. Leo left the exam hall after just writing two words on his paper.

Results day. Leo got an A for his paper. All his classmates were befuddled, so they checked his answer paper:"What chair?"


Coming up, next paper: cs1102c! Hope I can get good marks in this, cuz it's all about theory, no need to write out program. Hope I can manage it :)


Trinity Blood sucks.... although the characters and their abilities are quite interesting,
the story itself doesn't play out much. And the ending damn boring. The final bad guy only came out in the last 2-3 episode. And they dun even tell much of him either. The last fight is so short that it's not even worth watching.They might as well just put it in subs and say the hero finally killed the bad guy.

The opening theme is damn nice though. I was listening to it over and over again when studying. Yeap, u got me right, just that one song, nothing else for a solid 4 hour last night. I'm crazy right? :P By the way, the songs is called DRESS, and it's now currently playing on my blog in autoplay mode. Just let me know if u dun like the autoplay, I'll off it. If not then just wait til I get tired of it and change to another song.


There are some things that you'd regret, but after a while will soon forget it. But the period between regretting and forgetting is just so painful. I hope I have the strength to support myself through this period.
Back to last sem:
I felt that I've been unfair to her. I knew she liked me, but I distant myself from her due to some small misunderstanding. Must have hurt her a lot. I'm sorry....
Why are some people(for example, me) like that? Do not appreciate what they have, and instead goes for the impossible? That is just so typical of some humans right? @.@ Yes, I call myself human, not human being, cause I dun deserve to be called one for doing that.


Must control my spending. I spent quite a lot on food these days... Must control myself, or else will not have enough money to spend for what I want, and besides, will get fatter and fatter T_T Must exercise during the holidays. Think I'll go to the gym or play pingpong with the other choristers suring the vacation stay here. Hope can lose a few kg b4 the sem starts again.


Dun think I have any more stories to tell dy. So ciao~!

Monday, April 23, 2007

DRESS (Blood Trinity Mix)

Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Music: Hoshino Hidehiko

ドレス - BUCK-TICK (Trinity Blood)







kagami no mae de kimi to madoromu
usubeni no yubisaki
sono te wa fui ni yowasa wo misete
kuchibiru wo fusaida
ano hi kimi to yakusoku wo kawashita
ima wa futari omoi dasezu ni

taikutsu na uta ni mimi wo katamuke
mado no soto mitsumeru
boku wa DRESS wo matori odotte miseyou
kurutterukai oshiete
itsuka kaze ni sarawarete yuku darou
ima wa futari omoi dasezu...woah...

boku wa naze kaze no you ni kumo no you ni
ano sora he to ukabu hane ga nai naze
hoshi no you ni tsuki no you ni subete tsutsumu
ano yoru he to shizumu hane ga nai...aa...

wasurenai de ai afureta ano hibi
kimi no kao mo omoi dasezu ni
itsuka kaze ni kaki kesarete yuku darou
ima wa futari omoi dasezu...woah...

boku wa naze kaze no you ni kumo no you ni
ano sora he to ukabu hane ga nai naze
hoshi no you ni tsuki no you ni subete tsutsumu
ano yoru he to shizumu hane ga nai...aa...

boku wa naze kaze no you ni kumo no you ni
ano sora he to ukabu hane ga nai naze
kono ai mo kono kizu mo natsukashii
ima wa itoshikute itamidasu...aa...

English Translation
In front of the mirror, I doze off with you, your fingertips light pink
Your hand unconsciously showed me its weakness, and you shut your lips
That day, we exchanged promises
And now, we’re together, without remembering

Your ears are bored by a tedious song, and you gaze out of the window
Shall I put on the dress and dance for you? Am I crazy? Please tell me
Someday, maybe, we’ll be caressed by the wind
And now, we’re together, without remembering

Why can’t I float into the sky like the wind, like the clouds? Why don’t I have wings?
Like the stars, like the moon, I have no wings enfolding everything and sinking into the night, ah...

Don’t forget those days that overflowed with love
Without even remembering your face
Someday, maybe, I'll be erased by the wind
And now, we’re together, without remembering

Why can’t I float into the sky like the wind, like the clouds? Why don’t I have wings?
Like the stars, like the moon, I have no wings enfolding everything and sinking into the night, ah...

Why can’t I float into the sky like the wind, like the clouds? Why don’t I have wings?
This love and these scars are so dear
Now, they poignantly begin to ache, ah…

Sunday, April 22, 2007

After 1 paper

Phew.... at last, maths exam is finished. Yes yes yes YESSSSSSS!!!!! Gone hyper a bit yesterday after exam XD. Keeps disturbing people after that :P Sorry guys.... in the end get owned sy Syen pula XP. Anyway, next up, MLE 1101. Gotta study for it, but as usual, no mood to do so XD. Just now woke up start to watch anime, til lunch. then after that came down to function room to study. Didn't progress much though, just finished chapter 3. Kelvin, Chee Han, Mickey mouse, Eng Aun is in the function room too. And by the way, I'm loading trinity blood episode 12... truth be told, it's not that interesting, quite a lot of politics and power struggles, too much talk... but started to watch dy, so might as well finish it XD

Sometimes I wonder.... do I really fit in here? sometimes I feel like an outcast. And most of the time, I feel like I'm withholding myself, and rarely do I let loose myself. And I think I earned the reputation of being uptight rite? XD Well, better that than letting myself loose and annoy everyone out of their wits like yesterday XD. And dang it, trinity blood is loading like a snail... I've loaded it for about half an hour dy, but it only just managed to load half of it, shoot!

Shud really be going back to study now, but b4 that, let me paste a link to help u guys in relieving stress, it's a video of a guy playing mario, but keeps dying and thus, keeps cursing when he dies XD. I had to stiffle my laughter in the function room just now, almost broke out laughing. Oh, and by the way, I got this link from the cs1101c jokes forum there. In case you guys didn't know, u can still bookmark that module even if u don't take that module anymore. Just click on the bookmarks tab, then Add/Delete Bookmarks, Add Bookmarks, then key in the code of the module u wanna bookmark. The rest i dun need to tell u wat to do rite? Studying in NUS for so long and if u still dunno what to do after that long explanation means.... XD

Ok, study time, ciao!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Doink doink

Hmm... I'm just wondering whether I'm becoming crazy dy or what. Exam on Saturday, and til now I dun even feel like studying =.=' What the hell is wrong with me? Been watching anime and playing games too. My maths formula sheet only half done, other subjects oso not yet prepared 100%, and still, I dun feel the urge to go and do my work like I'm supposed to. See? I'm even blogging right now without even feeling a bit of guilt... XD


Is 5B gang drifting apart from each other dy? Last sem during this time we were all studying together in 5B seminar room. Nowadays we are divided into 3 groups. One group of 4 in R2 study room, another group of 3 in function room, and the rest of us in library journal section. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like that we even rarely go out together anymore. That is a good thing in the sense that all of us are growing up and prioritize study over fun though. But still, I'd prefer to go out, with all of the gang, not only part of the gang. Haven't seen some of them for ages. Only yesterday during James' birthday did I see them again. Haven't seen chubs and John for a few weeks b4 his birthday. I mean, a few weeks? Dun even have time to see each other at least even once a week? Ya, duh!


On the brighter side of life(yeap, rare in my life now that choir practices are suspended til June due to exam), I got a new little sis! Erm, not a newborn little sis though, hehe.


Feel a bit stressed out sometimes. Over something I dun like to do much, over studies, and over friends. Only sis knows of my woes.... Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Going back to study now. At least I hope I am going to study.... XP

Saturday, April 14, 2007


DELETE IT DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GYAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Performance in Esplanade!

Recieved news yesterday that we're going to be collaborating with Vocal Consort and the Festival Orchestra, under the baton of Arnie Roth, to perform in "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony" !!!!!!! The songs that we will be singing are OSTs from games such as Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls, Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. (Gamers Galore!). I was so so excited when I saw the news on the forum! Got butterflies in my stomach ever since! So so want to get my hands on the score now! It even made me have no more mood to study yesterday(which is a bad thing, but well :P). We're gonna perform One-winged Angel! I've been wanting to sing the song since I got it from X a few weeks ago, and now we're really gonna sing it! Yay! Anyway, here's the links about the concert itself, tix, performances and stuff. Copy and pasted directly from the forum :P

Yesterday morning was a disaster for me though, didn't close my bottle cap properly and ended up everything in my bag was dripping wet T_T. Worst of all, my extension wire was also inside my bag. double doink. Lucky for me the rest of my stuffs aren't damaged. My notebook's cover works as some sort of water shield for the rest of my notes in my bag, lucky I brought it along :P Double lucky for the fact that my extension wire still can be used. Used it last nite on my air-cooler, handphone charger and laptop, nothing blew up, so I guess it's still working properly. Watched anime til around 1 last nite though. Not good. But enjoyable XD. Read naruto manga this morning oso. And this morning was not quite good either, but still bearable. One of the lifts is under maintenance, while the other, I have no idea why, was parked at level 5. I had to walk all the way down from the 7th floor! RAWR! Even more frustrating is after I got down to the ground floor, the lift is working properly again! GYAAAAAA! Did a bit of cursing :P I can't believe I cursed with those words, I normally dun curse right? At least not in the vicinity of any humans.

Anyway, got to library dy, and I shud be studying now. So, laters!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Phantom Of The Opera

Omigosh, recently got addicted to a lot of choral songs! First is Canon in D by Libera boy choir, then One-winged Angel from FF VII Advent Children. Now got addicted to Phantom Of The Opera somemore, thx to my bro :P

Went to 1U yesterday, and got myself a Deathnote merchandise set, consisting of a DVD of the movie, a CD of the soundtrack, a handphone accessory, and oso a Deathnote notebook(hmm... who's name should I write inside? *cackles evilly)

Feel so so much relieved after going back home. Now feeling quite good. what's more Leo->feelings.empty()==TRUE! hehe.

Ben and Jerry's is giving out free ice-cream on the 17th! anyone wants to go?

Forgot that the library closes at 4.30 today, so I wasted a bit of time lor. Went there at 1, and have to leave at 4.25 dy... didn't managed to do a lot fo things, but revised a bit of maths at least.

Copied a few GBA games into my laptop from the PC at home, gonna play after exam. *grins

Bought a new pingpong bat! can't wait to try it out :P

No Naruto episodes this week. No bleach too?

Miss home! Me wants to stay home, dun wanna come back NUS :P

Sign out.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Phew... tired really, but it's quite fun at home! got home yesterday around 2.30. Not much to talk about yesterday, but today did quite a lot of things. woke up around 10 in the morning. Did my mastering physics and then start to play game for a bit :P. Cousins arrived around 11.30. We waited for my bro to come home from school, then off we go to 1U for fun! We 1st went to the cinema to buy movie tickets. After debating for a while, we decided to watch Meet The Robinsons. Movie starts at 3, so we went to MongKok Restaurant for lunch 1st. Ordered a meatball sidedish that's damn spicy. My throat burned and tears almost came out after the 1st meatball XP

After lunch, we went for the movie! Story is quite nice actually, if you like this type of genre. Was quite touching in the end there. A lot of funny moments in the movie though. The villain is damn stupid, brainless to the core. He managed to steal time-machine only with the help of a crazy bowler-hat-cum-helper machine. Nah, not gonna say anymore about the plot in case someone wants to watch it. hehe

Chau called me in the middle of the movie... no more tickets from KL back to Sg for Grassland... so in the end after the movie I went straight to the Aeroline bus counter(lucky it's in 1U) and got two tickets for us to come back tmrw nite at 6.30... hai... half-day's plan gone down the drain, have to get back earlier cuz no more seats for Sunday.

Went back home after that. While waiting for dad to come home, I played game again, Tales of Phantasia. It's quite a nice game really, hihi. Anyone wants? It's a gba game, I have the rom in my laptop now... but after exams lah, or else later someone blames me when can't get good grades then I die lor...

Dinner time! We went to a Chinese Restaurant near Amcorp Mall there for dinner! I was given the privilege to order any food I want ^^. Eaten two bowls of rice, hehe, but the portion is just about the Indon panggang in techno there. Then after dinner, we went straight to A&W for dessert! One of my bro ordered a banana split, while the rest of us ordered double-scoop ice-cream wafer! Damn full after that... urghh... Seems like I'm stuffing myself these few days. Just b4 I came back, I have a craving for milo after dinners, and for 3 days in a row, I had milo from McD there after dinner XP Surely fatter dy after going back Sg later T_T

Anyway, now my stomach feels a bit queasy... must be from the mealsssss just now. Had too much! Must stop stuffing myself tmrw! Signing out now, nothing much to say anymore anyway :P

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I Wish....

Like the star so high above us,
You're dazzlingly beautiful,
Like a diamond in the sky.

Like the deep blue sea,
The depth of your heart is,
Unfathomable to me.

I wish I know how you feel,
What I can do to cheer you up,
What I can do to be with you.

I wish you know how I feel,
You're always in my mind,
But courage is not with me.

For better or worse,
I wish for the end of this torment,
Never again to bug me,
In the depths of my heart.


Feeling so shitty today... Damn it! No more choir even... it's the only thing that cheers me up these days. Feeling so angry, frustrated and depressed right now.

Can you feel both love and anger at a friend at the same time? ARGHHHH!!!!

I miss choir practices... Even though it's tiring after that, at least I'm happy there. The intense practices are so so fun...

Am I lying when I say I'm happy as long she is? Maybe it's true to some extent, but not quite true.

I'm trying to forget!!!!! argh!!!! Why is it so hard? Kinda wish I'm a computer program... delete the 'feelings' data.
while (Leo->feelings!=NULL)
wouldn't that be easy? *Laughs hysterically

I wish I have courage. I feel so like a gutless chicken right now.

Wanna cry after listening to the recording... Not tears of joy, but real tears of sadness!!!! Do we really sound that bad? Some blame it on the recording. Well, yeah, the coughing sounds can't be helped I guess, but that's not the main reason. I keep hearing split notes here and there. That one couldn't be caused by the recording problem.

I'm gonna breakdown soon. I need a shoulder to lean on to cry. Any volunteers?

At least I'm going back home tmrw. Got a few days to calm down b4 coming back here to be applied with breaking tension again.


One-Winged Angel

Noli manere, manere in memoria. (x2)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.

Saevam iram, iram et dolorem. (x2)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.

Ferum terrible, ferum fatum.

Noli manere, manere in memoria. (x2)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.

Veni, mi fili. Veni, mi fili.
Hic veni, da mihi mortem iterum.
Veni, mi fili. Veni, mi fili.
Hic veni, da mihi...

Noli manere in memoria.
Saevam iram et dolorem.
Ferum terrible fatum.
Ille iterum veniet.

Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili. (x4)

Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili.
(Qui mortem invitavis,)
Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili.
(Poena funesta natus,)
Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili.
(Noli nomen vocare.)

Mi fili, veni, veni, veni, mi fili.
(Ille iterum veniet.)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.

Literal English Translations (word for word)

Won't remain, remain in memory. (x2)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.

Raging anger, anger and misery. (x2)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.

Fierce terror, fierce fate.

Won't to remain, remain in memory. (x2)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.

Come, my son. Come, my son.
Come here, give me death once more.
Come, my son. Come, my son.
Come here, give me...

Won't to remain in memory.
Raging anger and misery.
Fierce, terrible fate.
The second advent.

My son, come, come, come, my son. (x4)

My son, come, come, come, my son.
(By death's invitation,)
My son, come, come, come, my son.
(Painful tainted birth,)
My son, come, come, come, my son.
(Won't call the name.)
My son, come, come, come, my son.
(The second advent.)

Sephiroth, Sephiroth.


Monday, April 2, 2007

Homeward bound

Maybe gonna go back home on Thursday! Yay! Just now heard Chau said she wanna go back home on Thursday, me, being such a gentleman, offer to accompany her back. Ok, that's a lie, but sounds nicer mah, rite? Wanna go home and celebrate belated birthday with daddy! I miss my family at home! Grandpa and grandma at home oso, I miss them a lot! Muacks! Love you all at home! Shall make a list of what I shall do back at home:

1. Hug my cute little doggie and rumple his fur!
2. Go get a haircut at my usual saloon. Hair getting damn long dy =.='
3. Kacau my two younger brothers!
4. Kacau my parents!
5. Dote on my grandparents!
6. Bug dad to buy me a pingpong bat! :P
7. Study for exam(I hope I can)
8. Play dota with my bro(and most probably get trashed =.= )
9. Maybe go out for a movie! TMNT!
10. Ask YC out to Mr. Huan's. Or maybe can combine 8 & 9. Go watch movie with her afterwards. Long time didn't go out with her dy.
11. Maybe gonna go out shopping? Get new shirts and stuffs. See whether got the mood or not.
12. Almost forgot! Bring my scores back and challenge my bro! He said he can do better than us! I let him listen to our recording of luk luk lumbu and he says he could do better. Gonna see whether he can make it or not. If he can do better than the basses, then I'm gonna belanja him makan. If he can do better, then means we all have to work harder! My bro self-taught one, but he damn good leh! Even UTAR invited him to sing for the opening ceremony in Kampar ^_^. Ok, out of topic, next!
13. SOCKS!!!!!! forgot to bring my socks back here last time, so now I only have 3 pairs here to wear. Only wearing it when it's full day now. Last time I wear shoes aeveryday, but now have to resort to this... hai... Prefer wearing shoes to slippers. For one, my feet won't get wet during rainy days. and it's easier to run wearing shoes. In case u dunno, sometimes u have to run to catch up with a bus!
14. Wantan noodle!!! Miss the stall in the pasar in Kepong! Gonna go eat whenever got the chance.
15. Cousins! Gonna go find them and bug them! Since my bro can drive dy now, gonna make him into my own personal driver! Muahahahaha! Anyway, he's eager to drive oso.
16. My PS2!!!!! dun think I'll be playing it though... cuz most of the games needs a long time to finish, and I dun want it to bug my mind during exam. Might be playing some fighting games, provided got some opponents to play with, hehe.
17. Go to school! find my teachers and bug them!!!!
18. My little mortal Kee Hui! If can wanna ask her out oso. Maybe to yamcha or something.
19. MPH? Maybe gonna go get some story books.

Ok lah, I shud be sleeping now! But feeling a bit too hyper about the idea of going home! Will try to sleep. Nite nitez!

Happy birthday dad!

Happy birthday to my daddy! his birthday is on 31st of March, which is yesterday. If not for the PE, I would have gone back to celebrate his birthday T_T. Since coming to NUS, I've been missing a lot of birthday celebrations. My mum's, Grandpa's, youngest bro Kee's, and now my dad's. Nyaaaaaaaaaa.... I won't miss my 2nd bro's birthday though, 31st of May, will be back home celebrating! Probably he'll wanna go to Renaissance to have buffet dinner again though. Mum send me a picture taken with everyone in it of daddy's birthday, but no me inside T_T. Will probably be able to celebrate it with him next year though, since I dun think there'll be a PE(hopefully!!!!!).

I have to wake up literally! Should stop all my fantasies, well, not all, but some. Life would be vewy vewy boring without fantasies. No more choirs until June! T_T

Finished PE yesterday, felt quite happy actually, cuz managed to finish one question. I dunno about the others, but I'm easily contented with that. Made a silly mistake in the 2nd question though. Should have written the easy functions like cout 1st though, might at least earn me some measly points :P

Do I really eat that fast???
excerpt of chat with Syen yesterday:

syen: u still wanan go queensway not? i may be going still la
19:20 i dun mind going alone if u dowan to go
me: can oso
syen: k
19:21 me: now?
syen: no la..i'm still eating dinner
me: kk
I go eat 1st lah
syen: ok
me: what time u wanna go?
19:22 syen: erm...8?
me: kk
syen: or earlier also can
i'm gona finish dinner later than u
so after i finish then can go d la
me: =.='
c ya later
syen: XD
me: ciao

So off we went to Queensway after my dinner. Thank god I didn't finish earlier than her or else then kena shoot again. Nyaaaaaa

Me wanted to get a pen-grip pingpong bat(Is it what it's called?), while Syen wanna get a crumpler bag. Walk through the whole Queensway, but couldn't find any nice crumpler bag. The only one resembling is too big for Syen(I think it's Zync, rite? Hmm... dun remember). As for my pingpong bat, all of them damn ex man! S$42 is the cheapest one that I can find. All the stores selling the same brand, and all of them having almost the same price(I found one that is cheaper by 10 cents though =.=' ). So in the end I didn't get a pingpong bat though. Sorry ya James for keeping urs for so long. Gonna get one back in Malaysia. Ask my dad to buy one for me, hehe. He'll nvr say no whenever we wanna buy sports equipments, lucky us, his kids! I'm so so proud to be his son! So we got a basketball hoop on the lawn, a sandbag(did I mentioned me and my bro learned Taekwon-Do? one more lvl til black belt but we had to quit cuz they're not conducting the calss in school anymore T_T) A football that my dog plays(hehe), tennis rackets, badminton rackets and nets, frisbee, hula hoops, pingpong bats, a pingpong table, weights(which my bros uses and have built up quite some muscle), bikes, and maybe other things that I couldn't recall now.

Anyway, we got back to pgp around 9.30. Oh ya, Syen got a new pair of Teva slippers for backup, heh. went down for pingpong at 10. doubles keep getting trashed, so me is salted fish in the end nyaaaaaaaa... for those who dun understand, u no need understand. Just enuff Leo=salted fish XD. But in the end when partner with Syen against James and kai Lin we won a few rounds XD. Guess I'm not suited in playing doubles. I prefer playing singles oso anyway :P

Guess i should wrap this up ans sleep right now. Headache subsided dy, but tmrw still got lecture, so nite nitez.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A tribute to all the ladies out there

A little boy asked his mother, "Why are you crying?" "Because I'm a woman," she told him.

"I don't understand," he said. His Mom just hugged him and said, "And you never will."

Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?"

"All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say.

The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to God. When God got on the phone, he asked, "God, why do women cry so easily?"

God said:

"When I made the woman she had to be special.

I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort.

I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children.

I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up, and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining.

I gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any and all circumstances, even when her child has hurt her very badly.

I gave her strength to carry her husband through his faults and fashioned her from his rib to protect his heart.

I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly.

And finally, I gave her a tear to shed. This is hers exclusively to use whenever it is needed."

"You see my son," said God, "the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart - the place where love resides."