Saturday, November 7, 2009

End of week 12

And I'm still trying to gain access to my lab >.<


On the side note, most of my project are done. Very ahppy with HR, our group was the best out of the three that presented that day =) and just counting class participation as well as reflection paper, I got excellent, as is 3 other of my group mates =D


Game Design, game is done, only complain I found is that should at least give some lives for the player, if die should start at the dying level instead of from level 1 again. Oh well, I guess it's fine though, since the stages doesn't change at all, there aren't any randomness, play enough time of it and you'll get it.


Donated blood on Friday, my 1st time ever, and felt whoozy afterwards @.@ Still feeling a bit whoozy though, that's why was sleeping a lot today XD


@ papers for finals, and two weeks apart for those! wheeeeeee.... not... have to do fyp in between >.<


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