Sunday, March 14, 2010

String of bad luck

Thursday: Acetone finished, have to wait half a day before can continue experiment.
Friday: O2 tank finished, cannot do plasma treatment. Ar tank finished, have to roll a freaking heavy tank from somewhere else to replace that tank for glovebox usage.
Saturday: Lost my handphone pouch, along with my phone, ez-link card, and a thumbdrive with some thesis inside.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Our group got the best project for project 1! yay! Upside is we get the best marks, downside is we have to go make a video presentation on our project >.<


Talking about project 1, we had 4 group members supposedly, but only 3 of us are working on the project. The fourth member is not doing anything at all at that time. He kept saying he'll learn the physics stuff from his 'geek'(his exact word, not mine) friend 1st, then only come join us. In the end he only came for 2-3 meetings. And during the final week when we were chiong-ing to finish the project(staying late until 2-3am in the morning), he never even appeared, didn't contact us, no nothing.

The Saturday before I asked him to come for our meeting but he says he haven't finish learning yet, so no point coming, will meet us after lecture on tuesday. Fine. On tuesday itself he never appeared, and didn't even give us a call or anything, so we just totally gave up on him and at that moment I decided for peer review, he'll get shit from us.

On the day of presentation, he showed up and said he did something from a microsoft template, but from what I see, the template wasn't even modify in the slightest bit... and during the presentation he even dared to say that we gave him a non-functional model, because it is tilted 90 degrees toward the air. At that point I really wanted to shout at him. If the model is not rotated in the correct direction, can't you just write one line to rotate it? And besides, this kind of thing would not have happened if he came for the meetings. All 3 of us knows at least roughly what the others are doing because we code together most of the time. It's not our fault that he didn't come for the meetings, we did inform him the 1st few times but he always skipped out, or do useless stuffs during the meetings. For the 1st meeting, rather than trying to code, he just read, and then go sleep in a corner... =.=' All the rest of us 3 are not exactly pro with XNA as well, but we sit there experimenting with the codes to learn.

Ajith and Janaka was nice to work with, although we didn't have a great structure in the beginning, such as what format are our inputs and outputs, but as we always code together, this problems are easily solved.

Well, at least now I won't be seeing him again for project 2, and hopefully not on project 3 as well.


I think I got good group mates for project 2, hopefully we'll get the best project =D

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Time loops

If let’s say time travel is possible, then, if A gives an item, let’s say a dagger, to his grandchild B, and when B grows up, he goes back in time with the time machine and gives the dagger back to A, then where does the dagger come from in the first place? Technically the dagger only exists in the timeframe at the moment when B reaches the past (beginning) to when B travels from the future (ending). Oh, and A got the dagger from B in the 1st place, and not inherited from someone else. Like this:

And so the dagger got passed in a time loop again and again and again. The 1st time it is passed through time (let me know if u can make any heads on when is the 1st time), it will be like let’s say 50 years. After a few more times it will be hundreds of years? Then if it rusts away after a hundred years and can’t be passed down anymore, what happens? History will be changed? If in a scenario that A’s life was saved because he has the dagger, then without the dagger he will be dead, and thus B doesn’t exist in time anymore, and no more time travelling from B. And so the time loop stops there, and timeline continues as per no disturbance? You guys confused yet?


Animal language

Do animals communicate with languages? Like humans? Can a cow from Indonesia understand a cow from Malaysia? Or make it farther, can they understand a cow from America? If they can, does it mean that they have already achieved globalisation? World without boundary constraints in the context of languages.

And what makes a being sentient? Using tools? If so then are monkeys considered sentient? What makes human better than other being, if we can be called better? I don’t have a standpoint here, I do not think we’re superior to animals but neither do I think we’re inferior as well. Some may argue that we make the world a better place, but do we really? We destroy the environment, caused the extinction of some living beings, build weapons that can destroy the entire earth, and that’s better? But on another standpoint, who is to say that the species will not go extinct? And even if it does, then it’s their fault, survival of the fittest, the basic rule of the animal kingdom. Animals do kill each other for territory, and so is it so hard to understand that humans will kill animals in order to take over a territory? Ok, this branch out a lot from my original thoughts hmmmm... alright, finish ranting nonsense =b

Saturday, November 7, 2009

End of week 12

And I'm still trying to gain access to my lab >.<


On the side note, most of my project are done. Very ahppy with HR, our group was the best out of the three that presented that day =) and just counting class participation as well as reflection paper, I got excellent, as is 3 other of my group mates =D


Game Design, game is done, only complain I found is that should at least give some lives for the player, if die should start at the dying level instead of from level 1 again. Oh well, I guess it's fine though, since the stages doesn't change at all, there aren't any randomness, play enough time of it and you'll get it.


Donated blood on Friday, my 1st time ever, and felt whoozy afterwards @.@ Still feeling a bit whoozy though, that's why was sleeping a lot today XD


@ papers for finals, and two weeks apart for those! wheeeeeee.... not... have to do fyp in between >.<

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What the Devil was doing in the first seven days?

By Nury Vittachi
Readers Digest March 09

In the beginning God created heaven and earth.
And Earth was without form and void.

And God made a circular light in the heavens, and he called it the Sun.
And God saw that the light was good.

And the Devil made a smaller light, rectangular in shape,
and he called it TV. And the Devil saw that
the light was bad.

And God made springs which came out of the ground,
oozing fountains of pure, fresh water.
And God saw that the water was good.

And the Devil invented fizzy drink.
And saw that the fizzy drinks were bad.

And God said, Let the Earth bring forth vegetables,
and the herb of the field, that the children
may grow up healthy. And it was so.

And the Devil said, Let there be deep-fried potatoes.

And God said, Let the waters bring forth 10,000 varieties
of fish, that they may provide sustenance for the children.

And the Devil arranged that the fish be smothered
in batter, deep fried, and served with deep-fried potatoes.

And God created the cattle of the field, and said,
Behold, I have given you every living creature that moveth;
to you it shall be for meat.

And the Devil showed how the meat could be minced
and turned into burgers, and suggesteth that it be always
served with deep-fried potatoes.

And on the seventh day, God rested and asked that
his children rest too, and use the day to contemplate
the wonders of creation.

And the Devil created the all-day brunch, cartoon TV channels,
and Sunday newspapers filled with articles about
celebrities, that the minds of the children be filled with rubbish
and their bodies filled with yet more
deep-fried potatoes.

And God said to they boy, Take the girl and go forth
and multiply. And of your seed I shall make a great nation,
as numberless as the stars of the heavens.

And the Devil invented the computer and recruited 10,000
demons to fill it with online battles and images of top-heavy women.
And the boy did part with the girl and
did instead cleave to the computer.

And God pointed out to the girl that he had made her
with many attractive blandishments which she could use
whenever the boy was away from the computer.

And the Devil invented the Nintendo DS Lite so that the boy
will be able to take computer games with him wherever he goes.

Now the serpent was more subtle than any
of the animals that God had created. And the Devil did
enter into the serpent and cause him to say to the girl and the boy,
The tree in the middle of the garden the Lord hath told you not to touch.
But I say unto you, if you eat of the fruit of the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil, your eyes will be opened
and you shall be as gods.

And the boy and the girl looked at the serpent
and said unto him: No thanks. We liketh not fruit.
But hast thou any deep-fried potatoes?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Water + Heat

I guess recently the water inside of me has been drained. It used to take a lot of heat befre the water boils, but now it boils easily, and I'm not exactly proud of it. Even blew up on a good friend for some misunderstanding.

Someone teach me how to refill my water please >.<

Monday, September 28, 2009


For those who didn't know yet, following up from my last post, I have gotten the offer for commonwealth and am now staying there. Lucky got the offer last minute, saves a lot of money AND travel time.

Oh yeah, title for my fyp: polymeric photovoltaic cells. Until now, my assignment is still to read journals, and yeah, quite enjoying the freedom, but a bit scared for CA2.

Game Design is fun. For the 1st half of the semester, our group of 4 made a 2-player card game, based on Greek Gods and (which I think is perfectly lame, but oh well) Humans(What the hell? Gods leh, they can just crush human without even having to move a finger, how are humans supposed to go against them?). Here are some of the pictures used in the game:



Game Board Human(My design =D)

Game Board Gods(My Design too! =D)
so not going to upload any of the ugly human cards XP

Designing the board with photoshop is super pain in the ass cuz my com only has 1GB memory and photoshop alone eats about 500-600MB. Hanged dunno how many times dy. Without the hangs I'd be able to finish the work in about 2-3 hours? But it took me like a holw day to finish evreything with the hangs and restarting computer.

2nd half of the sem we're going to do a 3D game using Blender 3D. Learning how to use the program to generate 3D characters/images.

Chamber Singers! Challenging scores, and we have to learn to pronounce German, which imo includes a lot of throat clearing, tongue twisting, and the k' k' sound =b. Had our 1st performance which is some sort of a CA on the Monday before mid term break. I had sore throat that day but still went, and in the end I only managed to sing part of the 1st song and during the duration of the 2nd and third song I was busy trying to hold myself from coughing out loud on stage-phlegm stuck to my throat halfway through 1st song and made it so itchy that I'll cough if I try to sing, and even when i managed to make some sound(with the itchy throat) it sounded feeble and like someone on the deathbed trying to sing his last song. So in the end I just mouthed the words of the song. My 1st ever most pathetic performance >.< time ="b)." left ="(" day ="(" chicks ="b" booth =".=" class="thirdlevel_breadcrumbs">Toshiba Portege M900 - BROWN/ WHITE/ RED
Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology Core 2 Duo T9600
(2.8GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB);
Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset;
4 GB (2+2) DDR2 800MHz SDRAM up to 8GB (no free slot);
500 GB SATA Hard disk with shock absorbers and 3D motion sensors;
Built-in DVD Super Multi Double Layer Drive (DVD+-RW/RAM);
13.3" WXGA Super Clear View (1280 x 800);
ATI Radeon HD 4570 with 512MB DDR3 Video RAM; Class 2 Graphic card!
Touchpad with Gesture Control;
Conexant D450 Modem; Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN;
Marvell Yukon 88E8072 Gigabit Ethernet;
3 USB 2.0 (1 high speed eSATA/USB combo port);
ExpressCard Slot; Bluetooth 2.1; IEEE 1394;
1.3 Megapixel Webcam with SmartFace Technology;
5-in-1 Card Reader;
DOLBY Sound Room Audio
Built-in Stereo speakers;
Windows Vista Business;
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium;
Microsoft Office 2007 Standard;
Notebook carrying case;
USB Optical Mouse;
2.0 kg (with 6-cell battery and integrated optical drive).
[3 years Local on-campus warranty and 3 years limited international parts and labour]

hmmm... see what's my mood when I get it tmrw lah. Nitez!

Something from Jeremy:
Jeremy's cousin was in a bus and this is what he heard from two bimbos:
Bimbo A: Hey, I think my hair is dry leh.
Bimbo B: Yealor, I think so too. Maybe because cuz u just came back from korea, it's summer there.
Bimbo A: But, summer in Korea same as summer in Singapore what...
Bimbo B: Yeahor...
Bimbo A: But maybe different continent, that's why...
Bimbo B: Ture also...
At this point, Bimbo A and Bimbo B went down the bus to NUS Arts faculty... *whistles*

Monday, June 8, 2009

Accomodation blues~

After been trying for one whole month to get a unit, still didn't manage to get one unit that everyone agrees on...

Unit 1 : Toh Guan Road -> 1800, me fussy and blur blur... I thought very far away since it says 9 minutes to Jurong East station... as well as some idiot offering higher price as well... ->down the drain

Unit 2 : West Coast -> 2200, everyone says it's fine at 1st, then half an hour b4 signing contract two guys says too ex dun wan dy... I'm fine if you tell me earlier that it's too ex, I can understand one wert... Just pissed that I wasted one whole evening going down there for nothing. well, except pissing off the owner. That might count as some fun sport.

My philosophy for this: b4 we move in, be as fussy as you want, since you'll be staying there for one whole year. After move into the unit, be considerate to each other, we dun wan unnecessary fights.

Unit 3 : West Coast -> 1900, but this one feels spooooookieeee. The lighting in the unit is bad, it looks super dirty, gives bad impression... the foyer downstairs also feels a bit like a scene from a ghost movie, where the ghost are gonna jump out in a few moments >_>

Unit 4 : Commonwealth, lots of units... but all grabbed within an hour or two after posting... >_>

Unit 5 : Bukit Batok->1500, Makes me super furious one.... so hard find one so cheap, 1500 for a 3+1, and then some freaking ass go and offer 1800 to the owner. What the hell is wrong with you people? Too much money dunno where to spend? There are other units nearby about 1800 as well, and I dun see anything special here as well other than the price, if you're not here for 1500, why the hell?

Unit 6 : Jurong East 2250

Waiting for another one, agent told us bukit batok as well, viewing on thursday after they get listed. Hopes everything goes well... In the meantime, prays that got a unit nearer to NUS that's cheap.... haiz... budget constraints, no choice...