Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Elixir of life

Imagine a world without death, a world where one would not die of old age...

In the year 20XX, scientists discover a potential elixir of life, to be consumed when one reaches the end of his/her lifespan, and to gain immortality from age. The price to pay? You would not retain your original human form, you'd be transformed into a humanoid creature with partial recollection of the memories you have before you consume the elixir, and you will be living in a different colony with others such as yourself, living apart from your family and friends. People who have taken the elixir will have super-human sensitivity, strength, and the ability to defy gravity, or in other words, flying.

Shedding Week, a week where the elderly shed their mortality by drinking the elixir of life. All around, people are saying teary good-byes to their elders and friends who are taking the elixir, and promises are made to meet up again one day when it's their turn to take the elixir. One by one, the transformed people, also known as the immortals, fly up to the sky and headed for the colony in which they are to stay for the rest of eternity. Little children waving and running after the immortals who used to be their grandparents in form. And adults, who bit back tears at seeing their parents leaving.

In the midst of this celebration, in a secluded area, a young man found out the horrible secret behind this elixir... The immortals, although once human, do not retain any humanity in them save for their humanoid form and partial memory. They become ruthless hunters, devouring humans that are unfortunate enough to be caught in their route to the colony. The reason most of the people don't know about it? Immortals are intelligent creatures, they do not attack human in a public area, and when they do attack, they make sure that there'll be no witness left alive to report it. All the victims are reported as missing people, and no one knows what happened to them cuz the immortals wipe up all the proof. This young man , Alan, happened to discover the horrible truth as he's lucky enough to stumble at the scene undetected, behind a set of sound proof room, and watched in horror as the immortals devoured their victims.

Discovering the truth, the 1st thing Alan did was to call his grandparents, who are due to take the elixir the next day and warned them about the effects of the elixir, and pleads them not to take the medicine. Somehow, he reached the hospital where his grandparents are, and went ahead to the room they are supposed to be in. On the way, one of the nurses told him that his grandparents should take the elixir as soon as possible as they have very little life left in them, and the elixir do not work on dead people. As he walked in the hospital room, he saw his grandma suffering from pain, and she asked him to hand her the two doses of drug on the table, which, according to her, are supposed to be her medicine and a pain killer. After she took it, Alan started to notice that his grandpa, who's beside her, started to change a bit, and discovered the horrible fact that they took the elixir unknowingly.

He flee from the hospital as soon as he saw the changes. Some of the immortals who just transformed, sensed that he knew what happened, and was going to silence him from the rest of the world. The young man flee on foot from his pursuers. En route, he met some other people who also found out about the truth, and were armed with heavy arsenals to protect against the immortals. He sought refuge with them and they managed to kill his pursuers by a few well-aimed headshots. From his rescuers, he found out that some of his friends are being held captive in one of the immortals' colony, and he either being stupid or heroic, decides to go save them.

Time fast forwards, he reached the prison where his friends are confined, and sneaked in to rescue them. No guards were left to guard the prisoners, so the rescue from the cell part is quite easy. When they came out however, they met some immortals. They were about to engage in a fight when...

poof... I suddenly wake up from this strange dream... and still had it in my mind until now...

Monday, January 14, 2008

should have and shouldn't have

Shouldn't have taken the ice cream yesterday, coughing getting way way better

Should have gotten the lozenges when I reached back, not after shower when it's closed


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kyrie Eleison

-Slept around 2, got woke up forcefully at 4, and off we went back to Kampar.

-Couldn't sleep at all in the car, end up with a butt ache.

-Reached Kampar around 7, and off we go to sleep for an hour.

-Dad woke us up, then got on the Suzuki, and head off to his rubber plantation near Pusing jaya.

-Read The Elf Queen of Shannara on the way.

-Had a weird breakfast.

-Reached rubber plantation.

-Rocky journey up the mountain, almost throw up my breakfst.

-Swore at the flies buzzing around while bros are fishing.




-Set off back to KL.

-Reached home and thank god it's all over.

-Discussed what modules to bid.

-Watch Shounen Onmyouji.

-Too bored, to play game, thus writing blog.

-Stoning while thinking what to write.

-Signing off.