Saturday, March 31, 2007


This song is so so nice!!!! Can get from me if u want, I got the mp3 here ^^.

Just finished PE today! Quite proud of myself for being able to finish at least question 1. Not to mention I finished in an hour, hehe. Actually didn't expect myself to be able to finish even one question :P

Ok, gonna go rest now, after hearing a few more times of this song.

Oh, by the way, the song is not from Vienna boys choir as in the title. The actual song title is Sanctus, performed by Libera boys choir. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Happy? Sad? Anger? Love? Disappointment? Jealousy? Has anyone besides me feel all these emotions altogether at the same time? How does it feel to you? It totally makes me feeling that I'm going to break soon in the end. Now I know what Hermione means when she comment about what Cho's feelings... And I totally agree with what Ron said, you'll explode if you feel so many emotions at the same time. Now I really feel like I'm a ticking time-bomb. Going to explode sooner or later. Rather proud of myself for being able to suppress my feelings for this long. Though occasionally it's too much to suppress that it led me to depression. And now the stupid program I'm supposed to develop isn't working as it shud. And I have no idea at all what's wrong with it. Stupid damn program.


Sometimes I feel that I'm not taking the right course. I enjoy arts module more than what I'm currently doing. All the profs in engine, ok, most of them anyway, are damn boring. the only module I've truly enjoyed is econs last sem. And I seem to be more attracted to the arts module more, like english literature. But part of me do enjoy the subjects I'm studying now, though not the lectures though. What the hell am I talking about here? I'm contradicting what I'm saying even now... damn confused. Hate physics lectures, but find that physics is quite interesting. It's so hard to find a lecturer that can capture your attention, and not only capture your attention (ok, the new MLE lecturer does capture my attention, guilty as charged), but also to be able to understand what the lecturer's talking about. So far, only prof Dipti and Mr Roland, both lecturers from last sem, managed to capture my attention, and not only that, they managed to teach me what I'm supposed to learn.


Disappointed over some of the choir members... There are only 3 T1s, and seem like all 3 of us are not brave enough to sing out our parts. Feel really stressed out really when Adyll scold us for being too soft... I know though that he's not scolding us becoz he hates us, but just wants us to improve for the upcoming competition... Want to do my best, but I dun have enough time to practice with all the workload piling up here. Promise to practice more after the exams during the holiday. So so want the holiday to come faster. I can have fun all day long without having to think of lectures or tutorials or classes or whatever. Will miss my friends though since I'll be coming back to pgp in June for choir practices. The others won't be back yet... Wonder what to do during those free times... most of those who'll be here are attached, and most probably will be spending time with their sweetheart when they're free... Nyaaaaaa.............. why can't I just teleport? Then I can stay at home and teleport back for choir practices. That way I'll get to be with the ones I love the most.


Should probably get my butt back to my room now and sleep. Laters...

p/s: dun come to near me in case I explode and blow everything within 500 meters radius from me to smithereens.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Of weather and laptops

Weather in Singapore's crazy nowadays... just last Saturday, the strongest wind ever blew in PGP, I was on my way down to R2 lounge when the wind started blowing, hard! Even the trees started to sway like crazy. Then it started raining. Lucky I was ady at the lounge. Then just last nite, the weather becomes cuckoo again... Was hot like crazy, without any wind or indication that it'll rain... Even the sky is very clear when I was going up to my room. Rarely do I see the sky so clear. Can see all the stars in the sky.... so beautiful. Wish I could find a place to lie down and watch the stars last nite though... somewhere like on a beach or mountaintop, where it's quiet and nice ^^ better yet if can have my friends joining, hehe. Anyway, it rained heavily when I was asleep, it started around 5 something, according to chubs. And guess what? My laptop is on the table! Lucky the rain woke me up around 6, and I hurriedly close the window and dried my laptop. Lucky me that I closed the lid though, if not then sure like Bo Siung's one... I slept around 3.30, and at that time, it was so hot like hell, my door was ajar b4 I go to sleep, and there was no slightest hint of wind even then... Urgh.... would be glad to move into a new room next sem, but I hope I'll be in the 7th floor too though, it's nice to hqave a high view, hee. Oh ya, did I mentioned that a bug flew into my room last nite when I was doing programming? Eww..... BUGS!!!!!! I TOTALLY FREAKINLY HATE BUGS! What to do? Of course I got a tissue to catch it and throw it into the dustbin. What do u expect? me screaming around? If that's what u think, then go check ur brain.....

Seems like a number of people are having problem with their laptop. First, chubs' Diena went cuckoo, due to water, I think. Then Bo Siung's one oso kena hujan yesterday and now has problem with the 'i' button. Good luck guys, hope it doesn't cost too much to repair it.

Woke up quite late today, around 10.30. So I skipped physics(9-10) and MLE(10-12), heh. slack around a bit. then start to think of how to do programming again... Ate my brunch around 12. Then watch a bit of anime, then got out and go for programming lecture. Met Bo Siung and Wee Ling in the bus stop. Thought of using 4 numbers, 1 each for the alphabets in the DNA strand for the programming lab in the bus stop. But problem is if I dun convert it into base 10, the array size is too big and too slow... And not to mention that the array couldn't hold that much of numbers... Gotta think of someway tonite to how to convert base 4 to base 10... T_T

During programming lecture, found out that we're supposed to do 2 questions... well, i guess it's good in a way too after listening to his explanation of why there was two questions... at least one is easy and if we managed to do that we'll get 30 marks at least. If one questions and dunno how to do at all then die... Then another disturbing rule... We're not supposed to touch the com in the 1st 30 minutes!!!! What the.... that's so not my style to write it out in paper 1st... it's supposed to be good for us, as it helps us outline what to do... But I need to know whether it can compile!!! What if I missed here a bit and there a bit? Without compiler I'd have trouble finding them... Anyway what's the point of having us electrical engineers learn programming anyway? We have programmers to do that.... You couldn't expect the boss to ask us to write a program do you? Comparatively, programmers can solve a program in an hour which would take us about a week's time to figure out... Ok, a bit of exaggeration, but you want a fully functional program that
has fast runtime, small errors, blahblahblah, employ a programmer! Not an electrical engineer! There's a reason programmer exist, and that is to create programs! Electrical engineers do things that have to do with electrical! Not programs! Nyaaa!!!!! Of I'm rambling now, somebody stop me. *got hit in the head from the back

After programming lecture, went to techno to tapau my dinner, then walk back to LT7A to buy milk tea. then walk through Raffles Hall to CFA, where I am now, hehe. Then thought of rambling, so pulled out my laptop and start to write this blog, while chatting with my mum and aunt and my two cute little cousins. Will start to bug people after I finish blogging, so now thinking who to bug... Anyone who's on9 and lucky enough to be picked, hehe. Ok, off to bug people now! Leo signing out!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bitching time!

Once upon a time, there was this Mr. X, who thought he could sing in a choir, and so he joined the NUS choir. Due to the fact that the NUS choir audition is one person at a time, he managed to get in to the choir no problem. But that's when the choir members realised they made a big mistake. Mr. X has no problem singing notes, imitating notes and reaching high notes that tenors can reach. In fact, he'd make a good soloist(or not, I dunno). The problem with him is his voice couldn't blend in with the others. And add to the fact that he always blast his notes with all his might -_____-'

2nd problem with Mr. X is he dunno how to count the beats. During practice rehearsals for VV's small ensemble, one of the altos standing in the middle tell us that the tenors(or should I specify, one of the tenor) on the right side is faster. Actually she didn't phrase it that way, she said that the tenors on her left are slower than those on the right, as if it's the left-side-tenors' fault. No, actually it was Mr. X, he counted a minim as a crotchet, and so is one beat faster than the other tenors. The tenors only got to know about it after they practice sectionals later on, where he sang faster than the rest of the tenors. Luckily during the actual performance he did manage to get the correct timing(Thank Goodness). Additional info from a secret source: miss A informed that miss S, who was standing to Mr. X complained about Mr. X's singing affecting hers, so in the end an unlucky bass guy was put in between them to stop Mr. X's jarring voice.

In the latest practice, Mr. X dunno how to sing Tenor's part, but still, he wanna show that he's good by blasting his voice again. To the wrong rhythm! For the 1st 3 times, the tenors keep getting the wrong rhythm because Mr. X wouldn't keep his voice low but just blast out the notes in the wrong rhythm, affecting all of the other tenors into a frenzy of trying to follow back the rhythm. By the 4th time, one of the tenors managed to ask him to listen to rest, then only join in. They got no problem at all singing to the rhythm that was written on the score. So now it proves that it is Mr. X's problem. And then when the conductor asks for the guys to shout "Ho Ya!" in the same pitch, all the guys' sound blended perfectly, except for Mr. X. his shout always goes out of tune with the others. And this caused the guys having to shout over and over again until they got the right pitch. By now, most of the tenors very 'beh syok' him dy.

Other additional info: Miss P divulged that Mr. X once left the Tenor's practice and went to join the Alto's, saying:"Dunno what the hell they doing up there." As if Mr. X himself is very good and dunnit to practice with others. Sounds to me, the author, that this Mr. X considers himself above sectional trainings. And that's the reason Mr. X couldn't get his notes correctly, his rhythm correctly, and how to blend his voice in with the others. Choir isn't about individual singers. All the members must produce sound that'll blend nicely with each other that no individual voices can be recognised. Mr. X's voice always sticks out in a choir like a black wolf among dozen of white sheep.

Enough about Mr. X, I'm sure everyone will meet someone like him in their life. What to do? Just get it over with. Ignore him and just get on with ur life hoping that you won't have to see him or anyone like him in the future.

Famous author Leo signing out.

p/s: I'm not that good a person either, bitching about people behind their back :P

Monday, March 19, 2007


Supposed to be happy today.... was promoted to Tenor 1 !!!!!! By the end of the practice was feelinf pretty low and stressed out! Couldn't get the correct notes for one of the songs... My stomach still feels a bit stretched while I'm typing now T_T ... lucky got a gathering right now, thx to baltic, thx ya for treating us with cempedak/nangka/whatever-fruit-it-is-called. Love to be with all the people I like ^^ You all relieved me from my stress with ur antiques, hehe. Thx guys.


Last nite was a bit dissapointing... Besides NUS choir, Resonance, Raffles choir, and the last group of Indonesian performers, the rest imo really just do not stand out at all. Actually NUS choir's one oso didn't really standout somehow imo... maybe coz of the song we chose? Actually I'd prefer it if we sing some pop songs, it'll be more energetic and more suitable for this kind of performance. Of course, I'm not saying that we shud sing pop songs for events like VV and the pattaya competition, coz it'll just sound plain wrong for it. But for events like amplitude where it's quite energetic and all, we should sing some pop songs!^^


I like what the Raffles Hall choir sang! All the nice nice Disney songs! Sheares Hall got two acapella(dunno the spelling, so? sue me!) the 1st one really sucks! they're singing Evanescense song, and they keep getting some chord that crashes horribly in the beginning, and in the end there, the lead singer keeps on blasting the microphone with her "sweet" voice... urgh... I'm not implying that her voice is bad, it's just that she doesn't know how to control her voice, and just blast it out. Now I know what Adyll means by loud!= quality (ok, for those who dunno programming, "!=" means "not equal to")


Man is it cold out here! I'm only outside LT7A, but it feels like a freezer here for me dy, later when get in I might just freeze to death... brrr.......


Back to academic, sad to say I'm really far behind... always have the tendency to slack, even when I know PE is coming in two weeks' time -______- Maybe I'll just skip choir practice on the Thursday b4 PE, I'm sure Adit will understand. Really have to catch up on maths. Even though I go to the lectures, I always nvr do my tutorials, shud really try it 1st b4 going class....


And man I really need to control my spending... Spent 100 dollars last week... hai.... Must control!


Signed up for permanent rag helper just now in front of LT6, can't help it, my weakness are girls, when pretty gals ask me to help out with somethings, it's hard to refuse XP Well anyway, it's not as if I got anything else to do anyway, will be back here in June for choir practices, preparation for Pattaya competition. And anyway, will get some points for me to stay in hall in case I wanna try it in my 3rd year. According to Wee Ling, will get around 10 points. then add my choir CCA, around 10 points per sem, will get around 30 point guar at least... might be enuff to stay in ahll, though I dun quite like the idea that much, coz from what I heard from my hall-staying-friends, it's quite hectic to stay in hall, and I dun think I'll have time to come for choir practices, and my grades will flunk if I do go for it... so probably not going for hall in the end:P Might wanna join Resonance though, NUS' acapella group, they're really good in the performance yesterday! Woo! That is if I dun get any posts in NUC choir, coz if I did get any post, I won't have time for other CCA.


Gonna learn two new songs tonight in choir, after get back will probably slack around and then sleep... zzz...


Leo signing out

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Since I'm bored....

Name : Keoh Wei Pien
Birth Date : 12th August 1986
Current Status : panda
Eye Colour : brown
Right of lefty : Righty

My Heritage : Chinese
My Fears : ghost, loneliness, lots more, go on and ask
My Weaknesses : can't say no to a beautiful gal XD
My Perfect Pizza : With lots of pepperoni and cheese!

My thoughts first waking up : assignments, assignments and assignments
My bedtime : 12-3, anytime in between
My most missed memory : having fun with Tchuin, Luen, Kit and Fu.

Pepsi or Coke : None. I hate carbonated drinks
McDonald's or Burger King : McD
Single or grouped dates : group?
Adidas or Nike : No idea, not interested
Tea or Nestea : Nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee : nvr even close to touching one this sem.

Smoke : Nope
Curse : Always
Take a shower : Leave that to your imagination
Have a crush : I'd be lying if I say no
Think you've been in love : A few times
Go to school : not anymore, now in Uni
Want to get married : eventually
Believe in yourself : sometimes

Drank alcohol : Once or twice, nvr liked the bitter taste, bluek XP
Gone to the mall : I'm not living inside a jungle
Been on stage : Yep, love it, and gonna be on stage a few more times b4 I graduate!
Eaten sushi : Yep, but nvr like Jap food
Dyed your hair : My dad'll skin me alive if i did and I won't be here typing....

Played a stripping game : Nope
Changed who you were to fit in : A few times

To be married : 28

Best eye colour : brown
Best hair colour : natural colour, no matter what's her race
Short hair or long hair : depends. Some looks cute with long hairs, others with short.

A minute ago : typing
Hour ago : asking people out for lunch
4.5 hours ago : zzzzz
1 month ago : Worst ever CNY celebration taking place...
Year ago : working in BodyGlove?

I love : everyone that I know that I dun hate.
I feel : hopeless
I hate : being alone
I hide : my feelings
I miss : everyone in KL
I need : to study T_T

Not doing this, since no one responded to my tag last time XP

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


T_T Clumsy me.... Banged my left arm on the doorknob just now during CTW, same thing happened last nite in R2 project room oso.And you know what? it's on the same arm, same spot somemore... and now it hurts like hell. Have to be careful more, or else I might just end up in the hospital with a cast on my arm, doink! Not yet turning black and blue, but I suspect it'll be so tmrw morning -_____-' it hurts when I exert just a little bit of force, and I suspect that my left hand can't lift anything heavier than a book for a month. Hmm, gotta be careful from now on!

Milo Truck at central forum today! Just managed to drink one cup though, coz in a hurry to go to class, so 'cham'. It's rare to have milo truck nowadays... and I like Milo too, miao! Anyway, nvm, there'll be other opportunities! Have to wake up early in the morning today, gotta go help out at bazaar from 10-12. Set the alarm clock last nite to ring at 9.10, and I ended up turning off the alarm clock after it rang, and lie down on my bed til 9.25 only get up and clean myself. Tired lah, nvr had more than 7 hours of sleep these few days. Anyways, the booth that I had to man sucks, big time.... Selling old stuffs, some dating back to 10 years ago(NUS sports something something waist-pouch, dated 1997, that's practically 10 years dy-_____-'), a C++ textbook, some laptop bags, and other miscellaneous items. They even tried to sell empty CD crystal case, I mean, what the ****???? Who in their right mind would buy something like that? At least put a CD inside of it b4 selling-_____-

Played DoTA with James and Kai Lin last nite until about 2. I competed with James to see who has the most kills, in the end, I lost by 3 kills T_T. Why didn't compete with Kai Lin? Coz Kai Lin's kill count is just too... XD. Probably because of the hero he chose lah, atk speed too slow, so when all 3 of us atk together mostly it's me or James who gets the kill. Poor poor Kai Lin *pats. XD On a happier note though, I got the highest overall score and unit score :P Sniper+scatter_shot+a_whole_bunch_of_idiotic_creeps==Leo_got_highest_creepkill!!!! XD

Back to the present(sounds like back to the future? ok, LAME! :P), was supposed to go to the NUSPE concert today, bought the tickets dy somemore... but didn't feel like going in the last minute lah, so I just didn't go lor. Then come back pgp, and my friends told me that the fire drill postponed from yesterday to today, so I just packed my things after bathed and ran away to R2 project room to study(supposedly) and ended up doing a few Mastering Physics questions, chat with friends and brothers, and blog. Oh ya, and I turned off my handphone just in case the RA called me. Got a valid(supposedly valid) reason for not going! "Woke up early in the morning rush to bazaar, didn't see the notice u put up the day b4, no e-mail sent to me, supposedly in a concert now... yadda yadda yadda..." Lots of reasons to say, heh.

Oh ya, today a miracle occured! KAI LIN CAME TO MATHS LECTURE!!!!! Not for class though, seems like Syen made him come(dunno whether I'm correct or not, you can punch me for this :P) . In the end, he spent his time there distracting us by playing CS and minesweeper on Syen's laptop. Believe it or not, he doesn't have anything with him in the lecture hall. Not a bag, not even a piece of paper and a pen-______- really swt lah. Come to think of it, it's not that unbelievable, he always go to physics tutorial like that oso -_____-" The good thing about being Kai Lin is that he can excel in everything even though he seems like he's slacking sometimes. Must be that he put his hard work but we didn't see him doing it only ^^. Damn smart lah him(ok ok, I'll stop with the compliments dy, I know his head is swelling now *pops head with pin XD)

Ok lah, gotta go back to study dy, update again when I have the mood ^^.

Monday, March 12, 2007


And Sundays and Tuesdays. I discovered that I always feel down ard these days. Starting from Sunday, lasts until Tuesday. sometimes even feel a bit suicidal(do I have mental problems?)... I wish I have someone to turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on... Just have so many secrets that I dun feel like divulging to others besides a few of my oldest and closest friends, and they're not here with me. I wish I could have talk with yc again, face to face, not like now, just through msn. And the worst is that she can rarely go on9 coz of the stupid campus. USM dun have campus-wide coverage... I wish I could talk to you, you always lifted my spirits up whenever I got any problems...
Even choir doesn't help me much today... Just now when Adyll said about how he interpreted the song as sad, it suddenly hit me that I'm feeling very sad too, and from there my mood went downhill all the way til the end of the practice and now I feel like my heart is being stomped on and on and on and on and on.... Somehow wish that I am a robot right now, with no feelings at all, won't feel love, hatred, jealousy, betrayed, hurt, sad and pain. Wanna get run over by a train, hit by lightning, poisoned by CO, whichever way as long as the death is not long and painful. What does it mean to live anyway? You are born, u grow up, study, work, grow older, have a family, have children, grandchildren.... But what happiness in the end? U die anyway. Two generations of people tops will be the ones remembering you, that is if ur a good person. If not? give them a month and they'll totally forget who you are. So what are we doing now? Humans destroy the earth slowly by finishing up all the natural resources gradually. Burning trees. hunting animal to extinction, experiment on innocent animals for the sake of "greater good". What makes human life more important than animal? What greater good? You kill a mice, dissect and say it helps u understandphysiology. Why not do it on a human instead? Don't animal have a right to live? In the animal kingdom, predators kill to fill their stomach, in order to survive. But what do we humans do in biology labs? Kill for fun, don't tell me it's not for some of you, coz from what I heard from some of u people, u enjoy the process thoroughly. With no pity at all for the animal's life. Disgusting....

I learned not to trust anyone with secrets unless you know them well enough... and I regret to say that I'm not one worthy of trust either. I hate crowds, whenever I'm in a crowd I'd try to find a way to wriggle out. Neither do I like to be alone. I love companies of small gang of friends, like my course mates, I cherish you guys very much. I'm a very passive person, but just being around you guys make me feel secured. And oso Ferdy and Xianling, thx for being such great pals, and thx for keeping my secret, love u guys.

Brighter note:
Today Alpha did a horrible thing! He turned off the lights in LT7A after class! XD

Sunday, March 11, 2007


6 unique things about me:

1) Loves fantasy novels! Able to skip lunch if the story is so"kan cheong" until I can't tear my eyes of it! Read through all the Harry Potter series, Lord of The Rings, Deltora series, some of Charmed, Sabrina, Oran trilogy, Black magician trilogy... lots more, couldn't remember :P. I read through the Harry Potter series countless of times when I was in secondary(a nerd huh? :P) and I could mostly remember what happens in a story book that I read. Read's through novels like a speeding bullet during holidays, but takes me a while sem to finish my textbook -_____-"

2) Practically a last minute person until right after i come to NUS. Studied for SPM 1 month b4 real exam, 3 months b4 STPM, and still, managed to get grest results! Wo hen chuan leh! But not in NUS. Struggling to survive T_T

3) Loves Choir! currently in NUS choir, very passionate about it and very enthu in every practices. The only practice that has ever made me felt tired was the one b4 performance on UCC. They made us practice from 1-9 man!

4) Shy with gals. Hmm, this was previously one of my biggest weakness, I wasn't able to carry on conversations with gals last time. But since coming to NUS, I think I've improved a lot! Dun have any problems chatting with gals(with the exception of someone... *smirks).

5) Likes to be trusted as close friends, and likes to trust my friends too.

6) Scaredy cat. I'm super-afraid of ghost stories, but can compare it to Yin Chau's caffeine intolerant. Even though she'll have stomach-ache after taking it, she still does so. Similarly, I'll scare myself over the slightest things after I watch ghost movies.

Me tags:
1. Ferdy(not sure whether u got blog or not.... give me ur add if got k?)
2. Xianling
3. PeiSuen(update ur blog!!!!!)
4. Alison(You too!!!!)

Hmm.... dun think I've had any other readers.... will add when I find one

sad huh?T_T

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wade in the water....

Wade in the water, wade in the water,
Wade in the water, wade in the water,
Wade in the water, wade in the water,
Wade in the water, water children....

Hehe, why did I put this song up? Coz just now went for swimming in SRC at 3 .15 in the afternoon. Crazy huh? But luckily it's not that sunny, and I didn't turn into a cooked lobster, in case u wonder. Anyway, free style is just so tiring for me.... I dun have enuff stamina, almost fainted after straight 100m without stopping :P After that, went to MLE lecture, and surprisingly, I took in all the words he said without losing concentration at all. Maybe because there are no distraction, i.e. the two pretty gals I always sit beside :P

After that, it's time for choir practice! Woot! actually it can't be considered a practice lah, just an election of the next P and VP, and oso dinner celebration! We got to hear sample recordings of our own VV 2007, and it's damn nice except for the part where people start to cough, hihi. Would be great once it's editted. Then it's time for the interrogations of the nominees for P and VP! At first, got 8 candidates, towards the end, I cut them off one by one in my mind according to their performance in answering the questions, and in the end, left two choices for me to vote for, i.e. Aaron and Xianling (No other choir members reading this besides msl ones rite? I trust u all to keep it a secret about my vote :P) Then it's off to dinner time while some com members go tally the votes. Dinner is 14 pizzas! They taste so so nice! I especially love the pepperoni pizza! the pepperoni are thick enough! Unlike the ones back in Pizza Hut in Malaysia, where they are only as thick as a piece of paper could get ^^ The drinks are a bit funny though, there are two dispensers. One of them dispense water with so thick concentration of sugar that it'll make someone with diabetes die straight away. The other one dispense coloured plain water! purple coloured water, which tastes like... water! so I mixed the two and it tastes quite ok in the end, hehe.

After dinner, we went back into the practice room and waited for the results to be announced! So in the end, Aaron became the president, and Nadia(did I spelled correctly? dun care lah:P) became the VP. A bit dissapointed, coz felt that Nadia might be too strict, but I can't judge much, coz not close to her oso, just that she gave me that feeling :P. Then it's practice time! Oh ya, we got another performance next Sunday, as guest choir! And guess what? We're preparing two new songs for the performance, which we have nvr ever learned b4, to sing that day. And guess what? We only have two practices for it! I'll be dead surprised if we can produced a performance as good as last Sunday's VV ( again, VV 2007 rocks!). Oh well, just have to learn it with the other msl choir people oso lah heh.

My hands are damn aching right now! might be afraid to go swimming like that again for a while, hee. Anyway, shud catch up on studies dy! Damn slacking these few days, hehe. Oh, and chubs, thx for the song! Love it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Sanctuary...

Lately, I feel quite ignored. I''m not sure why, but I get the feeling that I'm left out of a lot of things. It's not a situation I like to be in. Feeling so so down nowadays. Only time I feel happy is during choir sessions. It just takes my mind off everything unhappy, the feeling of being ignored and left out, all gone. Truly glad that I've joined choir this year, or I might have just become crazy right now. Feeling so like crying now...

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Choir Performance 4th of March at UCC!

Today is the big day! Yay! Varsity Voices Musica Sacra! My 1st performance in NUS choir since I joined this sem! Gonna give a blow-by-blow account from 1.30 in the afternoon today. First, we reached UCC 1.15. Johnni opened the door for us tenors to get into our dressing room. Last practice with Terrence and Nelson(conductors), and they dun seem to find any fault with us ^^.

3.30, final trial run. We ran through all the songs in order, practices our choreos, and did all of them almost perfectly(notice the word almost...XD). then we got to rest and wait for dinner! We all get dressed in our uniform, for 1st half, guys are in black from top to tote with a golden-coloured tie. After dinner, it's time for the big show! Varsity Voices, themed Musica Sacra this year!

The first song we perform is Missa Brevis, not much of a pressure here, as it's not that hard and quite short too. After Missa Brevis, it's time for the small ensemble to perform, and that includes me! Ok, besides me, there's Kelvin and Xianling too! Ok, there's oso Brian, Mark, Johnni, Harris, Iris, Kurien, Visayon and, erm, the others I dunno their name yet :P We performed the songs "Oh Lord The Maker" and "In Pace". It all went very well except the last "In", there's a split, note, I think might be caused by me:P, but other than that, all went very well!

Then it's the guest choir, Concorde primary school's performance, and at last, I get to rest a bit, and, man are my legs sore! Oh ya, the little girls from Concorde primary school looks so cute in their uniform, like a dool like that ^^. After that, we went back to the dressing room and waited for about half an hour, and changed to red ties for the 2nd half of the performance.

First song of 2nd half: Te Deum! I think the 5b people might have heard the tenor part of this song for a lot of time dy, heh, coz me singing this song almost 24/7, :P. Love this song, it was a blast! Then move on to Terrence's song, Ave Maris Stella, which we did quite well. Then it's Sanctus, and after that, Cantus Gloriosus. Love Cantus Gloriosus! I think 5b people might have heard it b4 too, or at least Syen had, coz I practically sang this song everytime during the journey to church a few weeks ago. After that, it's Adyll(Tenor's SL! Woot!0 spiritual songs. Starting with "Old Time Religion", then "Ain't That Good News"(Hau Yuen was the soloist for this song, u rock man! And I did one small mistake in the choreo, (-__-') ), then "Ride The Chariot", "We Shall Walk Through The Valley In Peace", and "Wade In The Water". After that, it's souvenir giving time! Showed our appreciation to all the people involved. Then it's time for encore! We sang Linden Lea as the encore for the nite, as it has the longest history in NUS choir, it's been in the choir since it's inauguration in 1981! Me dunno how the song goes actually(you can't blame me for this, I only knew we're going to sing that song on Thursday and got the score that day too... Don't have any time at all to learn it with all the CA's and stuffs.), and I only lip-sync with the others :P . After the song, Kim Wong and all of the msl-ians shouted our names, mainly Pei Suen, Alison, Ferdy, Xianling, Hau Yuen, and me! hihi, felt very happy to have some supporters shouting out our names in front of everybody ^^!

After performance, we took pictures with the Concorde primary school choir. Then it's time to head back home. Me and Ferdy went to eat some extra food leftover from dinner(it's not buffet style leftover u know, just extra boxes of food from dinner, in case ur thinking of something disgusting-_____-") Then when we got out to the front exit, we're invited yet again to have some refreshment! And so we eat again on the 2nd floor there! The chicken wings are so so nice! Only until we're full that we left UCC and head back for pgp.

Phew, that's about all that's interesting for the performance, it took me quite some time to write it all down, and I'm sure it took u all a bit of time to read through it all too :P. And man are my legs sore after i got back to pgp....