Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yay! Yippee! Woke up at 7 this morning for nothing! Damnit! Saw the wrong timetable, and ballotted for the wrong class... thought DO4 is Tuesday 8-10, but turns out is Thursday 8-10... I spent like half an hour in front of the tutorial room where I thought I was supposed to be in like a sucker... Went on walking around Arts to see whether I've got the wrong room... Went to the separtment of Asian studies(wrong one), but no one was there, I even went to the lib to check(guess what? I still didn't notice the thur instead of tue), and found I was in the correct room(but two days earlier >.< ) Asked chau to check for me, and luckily, she saw that it was thursday instead of today. What a relief... that means my thursday is so so damn nice! 8-2, 3-6, then 6.30-10 for choir! Yippee!!! Have to change timetable or else I'm dead... Timetable b4 changing:

Went to the sociology department this time, and asked for a change of timetable for tuts, and I was directed to Prof. Saroja's room, but she's not there yet(I'm ady fucking tired by this time, brain not functioning well dy). Left dept. and went to the deck to eat my breakfast. The noodles taste like shit... must there be tomato sauce or chilli sauce to make the noodle have some taste at all? I ask the lasy only to put soy sauce and stuff, in the end the noodle doesn't even taste salty in the slightest bit. It's just like eating a lump of boiled tasteless flour >.< And did I mention that my toes were rubbed raw in my new pair of slipper? :)

Got back room, damn tired dy, and slept after chatting for about 15 minutes... Wake up, it's raining, yay! the weather damn nice to sleep! And guess what? It's a nice day for my laptop to take a bath too! By the time I wake up the top of my laptop was ady damn wet, along with some of my notes on the table! Great!

1 o'clock. Went down to take lunch, and head straight for sociology department and mno tut at 3. Stepped on a puddle of water accidentally(yay! my feet felt so refreshed!) and froze it on the bus. Went to see prof. saroja, couldn't get the tut class I want, but at least it's not thursday 8-10, though will have two clashes with labs. Well, at least it's 5-6, will be late for an hour for the tut for two weeks, better than dead on thursday night. Waited at the wrong venue for my mno class. Went to SoC SR2 instead of Biz SR2. Lucky noticed it 10 minutes b4 class starts (brain damn fuzzy today, can't think straight), and rushed back to biz there.

Class starts! And yay! I'm in different group from alison and charlotte! But at least there's a few pretty girls in my group though. Got a nice tutor, who told us some nice secret :) (not being sarcastic here in case ur confused). As expected, I only remembered the name of two of the girls in my group, Meryl and Cai Yun, the other 3 guys and a girl I can't remember :P Anyway, got to know each other, the guys all from engine(one SoC), girls all from biz. Then it was time for one-pager presentation! The 1st two guys spoke quite coherently, but when it's the SoC guy's turn, I could barely understand what the hell he was talking about... Keep jumping here and there like a frog, something about inventing a new program I think, and dunno what about working as temp shopkeeper... anyway, not important.

Charlotte told me about the farewell party for pau pau tonight, so now looking forward to go there! Hope and hope everything could go well...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Choir audition results and 1st practice

A little bit disappointed that none of the msl people that I know got through the audition, but on the side note, there are at least 2-3 Malaysians that got in I think, will try to get to know them :) Here's the list of people who passed the auditions, does anyone recognise any msl names here?


    1) Sheena
    2) Rhoda Wong
    3) Sophia Soh
    4) Rachel Poo Ruixian
    5) Michelle Teo
    6) Cheong Jiarui
    7) Yeo Zoe
    8)Long Huiyi Melody
    9) Stephanie Cheng
    10) Vivian Ong
    11) Ong Ee Leng Michelle
    12) Tisa Wwindayani
    13) Ng Ai Ning Ann
    14) Arti Srivastava
    15) Lisa Adiputra
    1) Ho Suet Yee Michelle
    2) Yang Shu Jun Deenise
    3) Ng Zhi Ying
    4) Wong Choon Lim Glenn
    5) Stefanie Long
    6) Anusha Vedagiri
    7) Kendra Hanagami
    8) Normanisa Maswari Aziz
    9) Jasmine Chan
    10) Ng Juat Teng
    11) Nguyen Ha Huyen Van
    12) Siew Chi Kuan Andrea
    13) Gnin Yeow An
    14) Hang Yuanyuan
    15) Lim Pei Min
    16) Winnie Wong
    17) Teo Kah Yong Eunice
    1) Ng Seng Hong
    2) Nguyen Dinh Duy
    3) Justin Tandingan
    4) Tang Lik Jin
    5) Chen Daifeng
    6) Andrew Halim
    7) Scott Hoover Stier
    8) Chan Chong Sheng
    9) Jonathan Gan
    10) Luis Felipe Mohando
    11) Teo Chye Keong
    1) Meng Zhi Hao
    2) Aldwin Chester Yap Dumago
    3) Samuel Kerschbaumer
    4) Allen Shi
    5) Linus Chan
    6) Joel Poh
    7) David Trinh Thai Duy
    8) Lim Yang Sheng Edwin
    9) Terry Lau Shue Chien
    10) Lim Tian Bao
Those that I know are Malaysians are highlighted in blue :P Please let me know if you recognise any k? Not that I'm biased towards other country or something in case you think I am, but just that I wanna know how many Malaysians are there this intake :) Although... I could just ask the committee members come to think of it... :P

Anyway, I wanna complain!!!! All the newbie tenors are so damn tall! :P The senior tenors are all so short, we're all almost about the same height T_T On the 1st practice, Adyll asks all the newbies to stand in front. And you can guess what happens next.. Yes! We can't see anything at all in the front XD We were supposed to do some rhythmic exercise, by doing certain actions according to the numbers written on the whiteboard:

1 - stomp your right leg
2 - snap right, snap left
3 - clap three times
4 - say out loud:"ONE two three four"

These are not yet implemented for newbies though:

5 - stomp right, stomp left, clap clap clap
6 - STOMP stomp stomp STOMP stomp stomp
7 - Stomp right, clap clap, Stomp left, snap snap snap.
8 - say out loud:"ONE two three four TWO two three four"

Anyway, couldn't see the whiteboard, and had to squint through the gaps in between those in front =.=' At one point I missed a few cuz I can't see and have to wait until the last few bars b4 I can follow the numbers. Really feel like I'm the junior as they're taller than me :P cuz that's the norm right? Seniors taller than juniors? But with us it can't be helped, we're shorties :P

From another point of view, this might be good too, since we're short, we're going to be able to stand in front right? Yay! XD

Ok ok, enough about their height, now to their capability as a chorister. Personally, I think the tenor newbies are quite good! Can catch up with the notes rather quickly :) Better than me last time when I 1st join I think. I had trouble singing my own part when combining SATB. I kept singing the sop's melody I think, hehe. Proof of they're good(at least those that I heard from near) comes from Luk luk lumbu. I was standing besides Justin and heard him sing the correct notes for T2s.

Adyll got cheeky in conducting luk luk and started to increase the speed halfway through the song and we got faster and faster, much more faster than the usual speed we do the song XD It was quite fun i admit, but it was a bit taxing on the stomach muscle, it felt a bit like after finishing Bal Laygi's note punching :P

Hmm, so now we have a male Alto and a male Soprano, heh. But I wonder whether there'll be a female tenor or a female bass though :P It'll be quite scary to hear a girl sound like a guy IMO, but it'll be quite interesting to hear them sing like a guy :P There are so many Altos in choir now! 17 new ones adding to the existing crowd... When they all sit in a circle, I think the number almost rivaled the total number of us who went to Pattaya @@ Wonders whether the new batch of altos will get as crazy as the old ones though... *scampers and hides from the altos*

Felt bored at last practice though, only sang Linden Lea and Luk Luk Lumbu. Hope the next one will be better! I think there's a new song that we'll be practicing on Monday, can't wait to get my hands on the new scores ^^

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

21st birthday!

This is the 1st time ever in my life that I celebrated my birthday in NUS, with my dear precious group of 5B friends :) Went out to watch Rush Hour 3 in Vivo city at 1, it was damn funny XD! Just that the ending is a bit weird only lor :P

After that, we went to Superdog for lunch/teatime. Halfway through, jun yen dissapeared without finishing his burger. Then after a while, syen, john, chau and ryan oso left, tinggal me with James, Kai Lin, suyin, siyun, adrian, andrew, yi wern and a freshie who I forgot her name :P I didn't suspect anything at that time guys... cuz jun yen said y2 asked him to go see pants and stuffs, and the rest follow after finishing the food. Well anyway, after a while, we felt bored sitting there watching over chub's delicious burger *drool*, so we decided to just bring the burger to him lor. Suppposed to meet they all midway one, but then jun yen said that they still got stuff to look at, so I just left to my favourite store lor, Page One bookstore :P

Walked around the bookstore for about 1 hour I think, then came out and met up with the gang. I saw chauchau with a lot of plastic bags in her hand, and I teased her for buying so many things again XD. After that, we left for Settler's Cafe via mrt, reached Buona Vista and then we walked all the way there. We shud have listened to chau, and walk outside instead of walking inside and make one big circle XD

Reached Settler's Cafe around 7.10. We went in and squeeze around one table, then decided to take the set offer, 12 dollars for main course, free flow of drinks, and enjoy the games until 10 o'clock :) I had the fish and chip, tastes quite ok lor :) I like the ugly doll card game, damn fun! XD would have won though if didn't forfeit for 3 times and returning the 3 cards I have T_T, but still, it was damn fun! I think I got around 11-12 cards in the end. Midway through, I got a bit of headache, and so didn't join in the game for a while, rested a bit :P. I was really gennuinely surprised when you guys brought out the cake you know, cuz I was very blurred dy at that time, brain wasn't functioning very well due to headache XD and then, me and sarah were supposed to pull out the candles using our mouth, so we did so. and got one extra, syen decided to sabo chubs cuz his birthday is during holidays and we weren't able to celebrate it, so in the end, chubs had to do it XD. Then chau chau gave me the presents, and told me off for saying that she buy so many stuff, some of them were for me! XD Got a black T and a black jacket with red and white linings from the gang ^^ Thank you guys and gals ^^

In short, in the end, we went back by taxi to pgp. The End :P