Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Disrupted plans

Wheeeeeeeeee going back on Thursday!!!!!!

*msg* meeting with new CFA head Thursday 5pm


okay, change to friday go home

shoot! it's ady less than 3 days b4 thursday, 10 dollars gone T_T


EE2007 is fun! Once you get the programming done that is. Still got the open file, read file, and write file part left... Shouldn't be too much of a trouble. Should be able to get it done right after I get my textbook. Gotta go get at clementi tmrw, co-op ones sent back to supplier dy. zzz

EE2001 is not bad, I'd much rather prefer working with hardware than with software really. Contemplating implementing all my parts with hardware(possible, but needs lots of chips), but if like that I sure get 0 for my software part... Leave the counter and the alarm signal to the software then... And I managed to create a circuit to tell me whenever there's a change of state, both from 0-1 and 1-0, feeling rather proud, but maybe just cuz I'm stupid :P

EG2401 discussions are quite interesting, we get to shoot each other, and the tutor just sits quietly at one side letting us talk all we want, hehe.

EE3702 sometimes bores me, but at other times excites me when the lecturers shows the game clips :P I WANT HIS FREAKING HUGE LAPTOP TO PLAY GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GEK1101 is interesting. As expected, arts lecturers are expert in capturing your attention, and they can talk a lot of stuff that you have no idea about, and still have you following every single word. I honestly do not remember much of what he taught, but at the last lecture, the things that I remembered him mentioning are that he has a twin brother, something about global village, yadda yadda, and yadda yadda :P


Looked at two rooms with James on Monday. The 1st one is a bit weird honestly. Doesn't really give me a feeling of home or that sort. And plus, there's a lot of idols here and there, pictures of idols, and also picture of sai baba. I'm like so very uncomfortable around too many of these stuffs.

2nd room looks good, but the prob is the living room area looks so freaking cluttered, and so dark some more... and plus, the owner is not willing to provide internet service, so, oh well.


Rants about OSA. There are so many free rooms left in hall and residences! Why the hell do you guys have to lie lie lie? EAT SHIT AND DIE horrible assholes.