Wednesday, February 28, 2007


As promised in my last post, this post is devoted to choir!!!!!! woo hoo! Me loves choir! I can't explain why, but everytime I go to choir practices, I forget about all my assignments and datelines, and oso all my tiredness, and will be happily singing with the rest of the choir members(but after finish choir, I'd be as tired as a dog dy:P)! I especially loves how my SL handles the tenors, he always patienly teaches us, and nvr vent his anger on us, unlike that Charles from bass, I really pity them. One of my friends from bass says that he's had it, and either Charles quits or he's going to quit sooner or later. And in fact, I dunno how he can tahan that guy for so long, I'd have quit choir long time ago if I'm in his shoes. Anyway, back to me! Learned quite a lot of songs since joining choir, and I have to say I love Te Deum the most. Yes, it's a bit lengthy(about 10 minutes in total), but it's a full blast song and oso all the parts come in and blend it very nicely! Not so confident on the spiritual songs though, yes I know my part, but can get distracted by other parts easily :P Dun love the ensemble songs too much, but I guess it sounds nice ^^ Oh, I'm one of those chosen to sing in the small ensemble during the choir performance this Sunday(not because I'm exceptionally good, but I need the extra practice for the upcoming competition in Pattaya, in fact, all chosen for the ensemble are going to Pattaya).

There's a choreograph for the spirituals, and some of them are funny! And truthfully, I enjoy doing them! especially Good News and Old Time Religion! I still think that Wade in the Water should have some 'wading-in-water' movement though :P Anyway, the gals looks cute moving left and right like penguins in Good News ^^ Cute, ok? Not funny, in case u got the wrong idea ^_^ But erm, will Nick look a bit out of place doing that too? Hmm... I wonder... But he's so so good leh in singing! In case u wonder, he's a soprano. Nope, you didn't read wrong, nor did I type wrong, yeap, Nick's a Soprano! He sang for us a bit that day and I tell you, you wouldn't be able to tell the singer is a guy! And no, he doesn't sound like a girl in his normal speech, just like a normal guy! But he can reach a very high pitch in his falsento. At least I think it's a falsento :P

So so anticipating this Sunday! My first ever NUS choir performance! Woo Hoo! And guess what? I get to wear a blazer! My very own blazer! Yay! CFA is so nice! Subsidizing half of what we have to pay for our costumes, hee! for 80 dollars get a pair of pants and blazer, not bad huh? But the bad thing is we can only try out our costumes by this Saturday.... Due to CNY the tailor is taking leave oso.... anyway, me hopes for the best! Will get to try out my costume this Sat, so so anticipating it! Anyway, wish me luck on my 1st performance k? Love you guys!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Summary for CNY

Starting from the day I go back from NUS, I have a feeling that this new year is gonna suck, big time! First, the bus that was supposed to pick us up at 7 only reached NUS around 9, then the driver is not familiar with Singapore roads, so on and on we go in rounds. Finally reached KL only around 4.30, reach home around 5. I mean, what the ****? 5 hours drive man, and u wasted my precious time which I can go to choir for practice! My practice ends at 9, and I'd have enough time to come back to board the bus even. Stupid bus driver, next year I won't follow their bus. No offense, but the organizer this time really sucks. MSL or not, but this time, truthfully, it's a total disaster.

Ok, got home, play games and on9 a bit, then slept only around 7. Then mum woke me up at 11, go 1U to buy my new year clothes :P. then got a haircut. nothing much happened, me read read read novel and sleep sleep sleep, oh ya, and play dota with my bro. Didn't sleep that nite. normally 5b people will sleep at ard 2 rite? since dad says wanna leave for Kampar around 4, I just dun sleep lor, or else later after I'll get a headache later if I'm woken up after only two hours' of sleep. slept in the car. It was so so uncomfortable! avanza, but with 7 people and a whole lot of luggage, I feel like I'm being squashed! anyway, the journey took twice the normal time, meaning I reach Kampar only ard 8, 4 hours' drive! Phew, got back, eat breakfast, then went back to sleep. went out to Lee Hou Fook for dinner. plain dislike it. No more tradition! normally will eat dinner at home, grandma's cooking is still the best! But this year we want grandma to rest, no need to work so hard to prepared dinner for us, that's why eating outside. sharkfin, abalone, sea cucumber, mushroom, fish, crab, noodle... I know some of you may start drooling, but it is so not my choice of food. I hate seafood! But starting to develop to at least find it edible for me, so no complains about stomach not full.

New Year! Got lots of angpau, from grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and lots of other relatives. That's the most satisfying thing this new year, ang pau. Though I wud prefer it if the ang pau is in S$ though, since now I have to spend in Singapore. anyway, no complains about ang pau, money money money! then play PS2, dota, read novel and sleep. It's a damn boring new year for me, I tell ya. Monday, eat lunch at Lee Hou Fook again, same dishes, boring! then at nite went back KL.

Tuesday. The best day of my CNY this year. went out with frens early in the mjorning at 9, got o everyone's house to collect ang pau. Me only feel that i miss them so so much! especially Kae Luen, Lee Fu, Wei Keat, and Ying Chi! Miss the day we have together in Form 6! You nvr appreciate things u have until u lost them. anyway, we decided to play dota at Kae Luen's house at nite, so his house is the last stop for that day. Me and Wei Keat brought our laptop to his house, then we played three rounds of dota, we might have continued playing if not for the fact that we have to send the girls back home :P. So I reached home around 12.30, then sleep again.

Nothing interesting happened on Wednesday. Thursday gone up to Genting around 4 in the noon, played about RM60 worth of arcade game :P. Suddenly Yin Chau called me telling me she might not follow us back to Singapore on Friday, due to some accident. Was at Genting at that moment, and the noise is terribly loud, couldn't make out most of what she was saying, but when I found out the next day, I was so shocked and aghast and felt pretty bad for not saying something comforting to her. She told me that her mum was involved in an accident, but me, at that moment in Genting was having fun and.... haih.... sorry Yin chau T_T.

Friday, woke up around 8.30, eat breakfast at one of my favourite stalls, then go to 1U to take aeroline bus back to Singapore. Only then I know what happened. Yin Chau's mum was sleepy, and accidentally flipped the car. Her sis suffered some heavy damage and was admitted into ICU. I felt so so bad for her, wish that I could do something to help out.

Inside aeroline, although the bus seat is not as wide as grassland's there is a lounge downstairs(yes, it's a double-decker). We let Yin Chau slept a while, then after she wake up, me James and her went downstairs to have lunch, subway sandwich(my first time ever, believe it or not). then we watched friends on the tv. my attention drifted away after a few moments, so I started to play dota, and I lost two rounds, and that is against 5 easy bots only T_T. Reached Sg about 4, then we got back pgp ard 4.20, I think. dinner at nite, ta pau then come to my cluster to eat, since 5b is fully occupied. We chat chat chat until quite late after dinner, one of the things I enjoyed most this New Year. James keep getting shoot by yin chau and syen about a certain someone XD. Then go back room to study. studied a bit, but couldn't get much into my brain. So I tried to sleep early, ard 10.30, since there's a choir practice the next morning at 10. but my room is freakin damn hot! in the end I slept on the floor for the nite, and didn't even feel cold.

End of post, next post will be about choir, I hope:P

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Freakin' Dryer!

In a very bad mood right now, see the time of my posting? It's almost 3 in the morning and I'm still in 5b, waiting for my laundry to dry! Planned to finish everything by now, but the stupid dryer went down, and it had to be the one I was using! And it doesn't help that an idiot put his stupid laundry on top of the faulty machine! Covering up the warning that says that the machine is faulty! I now so hope I can put that person inside a blender and blend him to bits! OF ALL THE DRYER THERE, WHY THE HELL DO U HAVE TO PUT ON TOP OF THAT FAULTY DRYER COVERING UP THE NOTICE? IS IT FUNNY TO HAVE ME WAIT FOR 3 HOURS AND FOUND OUT IT WAS FAULTY AFTERWARDS? Of all the people in the world who died, why can't it be you? And pgp management oso are not useful here, shud put up a notice besdie the coin slot too warning us all! Honestly, since they changed the management, everything's going downhill, stupid management... I resent you...; buh!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner people! Due to that, the so-called cluster leaders of block 22 decided(not me, me just passive bystander and let them decide what they wanna do, cuz so so no interested when they discuss it) to decorate the tv room and lounge with a Valentine theme(ok, it's not that we have too much free time, but it's a must do to get the 10% rebate T_T).I hate to admit this, but during the decoration, I felt like I was having fun, especially when assignments and studies are all out of my mind during the decoration. Me did one of the windows decorations with hearts hearts and hearts. Was thinking of her when I was cutting out those heart shapes and designing how best to put it up the window :P. She is just so so cute! I dunno why I fell for her, but I did. Some of my friends(though shockingly, not of my ee mates. or maybe they did noticed, just sparing me the embarassment?) noticed something, but me denied it straight :P.

I so wish to spend Valentine's Day with her, but I'm too chicken to express my feelings towards her, for I fear that she'll avoid me after that, she is just so so popular nowadays, miao~! Ok... I've been getting this annoying habit of typing"miao" recently, dunno where I picked it up from, but just felt like putting it whenever chatting in msn these few days :P. Seeing Ferdy and Xianling getting together elevates my heart a bit, cuz people around me are happily getting together^^. Hihi, Ferdy and Xianling, u two(or can be considered as one dy?^^) still owe me and Wooi Kuan a meal for asking us to walk with you two but ditched us off halfway without telling us!

Anyway, I should actually be sleeping right now, but my natural alarm clock woke me up so so early! Is there a way to set the timing? I'll always get up around 8-9 no matter how late I sleep(excluding if I sleep at 6-7 in the morning). It's annoying sometimes, especially so when I feel sluggish throughout the whole day, with no mood to study, or do anything at all to that matter... GYAHHH!!! should try and go back to sleep after this, or else I won't be able to do anything throughout the whole day except sitting in front of my laptop(like what I'm doing now) and search for interesting things to keep me occupied.

Oh, and one last thing! Happy Valentine for all the couples and would be couples out there!

Thursday, February 8, 2007


Umm... first ever post in my finalized post? Anyway, been tweaking here and there, hope that it's nice enough. Hard to choose the right colour for this background leh, some part of it dark, while the others are bright. Anyway, quite satisfied with it now.

Felt a bit stupid in CS though, couldn't help when Pei Suen asked me to look at her codes, even though mine is similar to hers. In the end have to depend on baltic and alpha for help. Hai... not smart enough, what to do? Come to think of it, it's damn scary leh, lab 2 only and I took 4 days to finish it. Dunno what'll happen during the practical exam, with only two hours!!!! Sure die one.

Monday's choir practice was nice. i dun like how Charles take-charge of the basses though, dunno about you guys, but I think he's damn arrogant. And he bursts just at the slightest bit of mistake! People will learn much more easier if you teach them nicely you know. Even Adyll nvr did that to us, he'll just explain nicely and demonstrate it to all of us. But Charles, he seems like such a spoilt brat to me, always having everything tailored to his whim, well, that's my impression anyway, dunno whether it's true. A leader nvr gains any respect from his follower if he controls them through tyranny. Now I understand why my friend told me he hates Charles. Lucky I'm not is bass, no need to suffer from his tyranny. Yes, i know he's from medic, and it's very stressful there, but that's no reason to vent out his frustation towards other choir members, is there? Oh ya, I'm stressful today, so I can just scold my friends off for humming a song? What kind of logic is that? ok... i know I'm crapping a lot, here, and some of you may not even know what I'm talking about:P

Anyway, some of us were picked for an ensemble for Varsity Voices, and yay! Me! Yeap! Yours truly, was one of the lucky ones ^^. Reason for the picking? Those who are going to Pattaya competition got high priorities, so that we can train more for the upcoming competition.
Got pros and cons though, Pros, get to sing extra two songs in the performance. Cons, have to practice more and my workload is now really heavy, and not to mention the possibility of screwing up during the ensemble. Believe me, it'll be very noticeable, as the ensemble only has about 20 ++ people as compared to the whole choir, and it's not hard to notice if I sing a flat note.

Anyway, enough ranting now, gotta get some more sleep. I only had 4 hours of sleep yesterday, due to the stupid Matlab which is totally useless IMO, and 6 hours of sleep today-dunno why wake up so early, but since I woke dy, I started tweaking blog until now, :P . should get some sleep in case I faint during lesson, heh. Minna, sayonara!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Ok, before I go to the nice part, here's the boring things that happened earlier today ^^:

Woke up around 10.30, then chatted on msn a while, bath, study, blahblahblah, and then left pgp at 11.45. First time I'm late and my friends have to wait for me leh, hehe, sorry guys and gals! Then we took our lunch at YIH there, it was so damn packed! Lucky we found two tables and we had our lunch peacefully^^ well, partially peacefully actually, as the exam is at 1 o'clock. After finishing our lunch, we went straight away to MPSH1 to wait for the beginning of the battle!!! Don't think I managed to do as good as I'm supposed to be able to though, :P didn't study enough, but still, I think i can at least manage to scrape a pass ^^. Just have to prepare earlier in the next sem. First sem mah, didn't know anything, so practgically my 1st half of the sem was wasted away with enjoying myself, :P.

After exam, we straight away went to the busstop, as we're(me, syen n penny) planning to go to the Hillsong concert. But it rained T_T... and somemore, the buses are not as frequent on weekends, and we have to wait for 20 minutes b4 we could get on a bus and another 10 minutes b4 we reach back pgp. As we're leaving the pgp backgate, the rain start to come down heavily on us T_T, and pity Syen, she slipped and fell down, luckily she's alright though, just that her jeans are a bit wet. And lucky that she chose to wear black too ^^, praise the Lord on that, He must have known that and made u chose to wear black ^_^. All 3 of us don't have umbrellas, but Penny's case is the worse, she didn't have anything to cover her head too, so she was practically drenched from head to toe when we reached the bus stop. Come to think fo it now, I should be more gentleman a bit and lend her my jacket (baka Leo!!! RAWR!!!).. well, what's past is past, shouldn't dwell on it :P. Anyway at least we got jackets to cover up our head, but in the end our jackets got so so wet. Lucky for me that I got 3 jackets here in Singapore, I even lend one to James today^^ I actually got 5 jackets in total, two more still at Malaysia in my bedroom closet^^.

After a gruelling journey(it's cold on a bus when ur wet man!), we reached Suntec city! yay! Penny joked that we should go shopping and but a few clothes to change 1st ^o^. Nothing eventful happened there. We took our dinner(I ate 2 portions, was so so hungry after getting drenched in the rain :P), went in the line with our cg, and got into the Rock Auditorium! Well things start to get interesting here! The concert was so so awesome! I love the songs that were played, kept singing and jumping up and down(ya ya, might have caused some minor earthquakes, but only near the end though, didn't jump much during the beginning, u know me lah, paiseh mah, hehe). Screamed until now my voice sounds squeaky, and can't even sing a high-pithced song. Though to begin with, I already had a sore throat b4 I started screaming in the concert, just dunno how to take care of myself huh :P? Oh ya, forgot to mention above, the band's name is Hillsong United ^o^.

After the concert, we straight away went to the bus stop to wait for bus 10. While waiting, Penny told us a funny joke, I dun wanna say it here though, coz of some reason lah, *wink*. Bus journey was uneventful, and thank goodness the rain had stopped, or else we'll get drenched again and I dun wanna get sick-er than i am now. Oh ya, one thing though, Sopphia noticed a sensor that tells u how many vacancies are left on the upper lvl of the double-decker. Did anyone notice it b4? Frankly, I nvr bother to check it, and so I've nvr known about it till now too :P. ya, and something funny happened too ^^ While Sopphia was talking about the sensor, Syen misunderstood and talked about how Marche charges its customer XD! Well, it's knid of hard to blame here oso, as she was talking about Marche(we were passing through it) when suddenly Sopphia talks about the sensor. but it was so so funny though, sitting there listening to both of them talking about different things and they seem to think that they were talking about the same thing ^^. Sorry ya Syen and Sopphia, for putting this up on my blog :P

Well anyway, got back, and my brain was blurry... Asked Yen Yoong whether wanna call McD or not. Well Yen Yoong was blurry 1st, he thought I was ordering when I just meant to ask whether anyone wants to order McD or not, coz I was thinking of going down and order if there's enough people to share the 2 dollars delivery cost. After I got downstairs only I suddenly remembered, I got sore throat(well, technically I have no voice) and shouldn't be eating McD T_T... so I have to sit down on my table and start studying while listening to them ordering McD T_T(wawawawawawawawa....) Then, Penny brought down some honey for us(Thx Penny, muacks!), which I gratefully drink for my poor poor sore throat. then study again. Left the seminar room at 1, and was planning to sleep, but although my body is tired, my brain is not. So I got up and startes to write this blog, and look at the time now, it's ady 2. I should be sleeping now, tmrw gotta wake up at 7.30 and go for the 9o'clock church, and since I dun have anything else to write anymore, tata! Sayonara! jumpa lagi! bye bye! ^o^