Friday, April 25, 2008

5B member + fantasy

Had a chat with chubby just now, and these are some of the characters we come up with that we think are we they might suit to be if they're in a fantasy world.

Chubs - Demon with black leathery wings, horns and demon tail(I think bunny tail is nicer :D )
Leo - Dwarf(although I'd love to be a vamp, cooler T_T)
Jamesee - female Elf!
Ryan - Ogre
Kai Lin - Incubus
Syen - Fairy
JohnChau - Wizard and Sorceress
Sarah - evil-but-always-unlucky-end-up-getting-herself-screwed-witch

these haven't been discussed yet, just what I think:
Alisonyenyoong - vamps
Suyin - ranger(the ones in game where they usually where green with a cap and knife)
Carly - priestess
Wei Feng - priestess' guardian
Xander - centaur

With these in mind, I hope to write a short novel during the 3 months holiday, no plots yet though, should be after finals only start to think. Anyone with violent objections to their character can scold me directly XD... especially chubs, I think I'd really use the bunny tail demon idea.... XD

Now back to mugging. All the best in finals people! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Why is it that
some people are shy, while the others are not?
some people speak their minds freely, while others keep them in the dark?
some throws it all out, some drop subtle hints, while others just do nothing?
some believe in themselves, while others in miracles?

What is it that
makes people fall in love?
keeps people from revealing their thoughts?
makes people do the opposite of what they would have otherwise?
keeps people from going crazy from all these?

How is it that
one believes in something ethereal?
one doesn't trust what's in front of them?
one has faith that they're gonna survive whatever is thrown at them?
one doesn't falter when it seems like all hope is lost?

When is it that
children begin realising the difference of the opposite gender?
adults stop believing in fairy tales and magic?
people know that he/she is the one?
I realise that I am really stupid in writing all these?

Anyway, all the best in finals everyone! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Women, as explained by engineers