Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Phew... last presentation done!!!!! wheeeeee!!!!! although i must admit, we screwed u a bit >_>

Really feel very blessed since last night. at ard 12.30pm when I was heading home from school, I wished that there will be a taxi coming inside NUS, or else I'd have to walk all the way out from raffles to opposite science there to catch a bus >.< right after I walked to the road from YIH, two taxis came by! woo hoo! no need to walk :P

This morning the circuit wasn't working, 10 minutes b4 the presentation only found out that there was some bug with the program, and still managed to save it... phew... b4 that, I forgot to plug in the power supply for my motion detector, and wondered what happened >_>

Now that I'm free, I must start studying dy. It's studying! Not playing game! EE3702 lecturer ask one... haiz... so sien... have to play game... XD

Friday, November 7, 2008

3 down, 2 to go

EE2007 presentation *ticks*
EG2401 presentation *ticks*
GEK1001 project *ticks*

EE2001 project - own part *ticks*
- group mates *cross*
EE3702 presentation *cross*

I can't wait for tuesday 3pm! everything will be so over! and then I can breath again... phew...