Sunday, September 23, 2007

Holidays! sort of... :P

It's the mid semester study week break! And man am I lucky! all three core modules have no mid term tests! though two of them got quiz =.= . The other three electives, IT(one quiz, done), SS and MNO have no midterms at all! YESHHHH!!!! Enjoying hols to the fullest! Gonna cut my hair(needs to be thinned, too thick that it's damn hot >.<), go to school to ask for permission to promote NUS, watch a movie or two(anyone wanna join?), spend time with my family, ruffle up my doggie's fur more! Oh I do miss him! Everytime i see a golden retriever I think of him, with his cute silly looks when he brings a ball to me to ask me to play with him :D Especially when watching hana kimi, with that cute Golden Retriever as a cast ^_^! Miss cooking a bit oso, but the passion for cooking seems to diminished dy since i went to NUS @@

Went to cousin's new place last night to celebrate an early mooncake festival, since most of us can't gather together during the actual date due to school the next day. Met up with almost all my close cousins, except one, who I haven't seen since during Chinese New Year... Anyway, had a nice reunion, Ken Pak still as lame as ever, yeen yeen fatten up a bit, XD. Grandma prepared some of my favourite dishes for me :D I love you popo! and kung kung oso! Love you both lots! I miss living with both popo kungkung... we were so pampered by them that we practically get what we wanted as long as it's not too much :D and we get to bring the food to the living room ro eat while we watch TV(not possible with my mum around, she was very strict last time when I was little :P), after lunch we'll be taking out mattress to put in the living room and nap there until evening. Then we'll go outside and walk and sometimes grandpa will pick some rambutan and mango from our tree if it's ripe enuff :D At night when we sleep, grandma will always tell us bedtime stories before we sleep, she made most of them up impromptu, but still we enjoyed every bit of it, and they were good stories, at least at that time it was to me, but I forgot the stories dy, just remembered the fact that it was enjoyable and we couldn't sleep at night without them :D

After dinner, we had some mooncakes and also bak gua! Tastes so nice! Then we went up to cousin's room and played PS2 games for a while. My bros created a funny character named eunuch hoi in soulcalibur, and he(the character, not my bro) looks damn gay XD After w while. i got bored and came down to chat with my parents and aunt and uncle. Drank a lot of tea and ate a lof of bak gua in the process(Shit.. I'm gonna get fat by the time I go back NUS).... Left the place around 9, and on the way back, sent my youngest bro to a mooncake party organized by his friends. Man I can't believe he's this big dy, so tall and handsome! But still, in my heart he'll always be my cute little brother as always. Seems like he's a successful fisherman too! After we dropped him off, a gal came by and offered him food and they start chatting, though he seems a bit shy XD Watch Evans Almighty when i reach home(Thanks John!), it was damn hilarious lor, dun mind watching again if I have time :D

Woke up at 9.30 this morning, and straight away I forcefully wake my bro up to have a breakfast in my fav noodle stall in Kepong market :D Still love the noodle there the best, although I have to admit that they are a bit slow in serving customers. After breakfast, we got back and dad started to prepare the fish that he caught in his fish pond in his rubber plantation. He did a considerably good job in cooking it, but the fish was a little bit too salty when eaten without rice :P For lunch, we went to Papa Toast in Selayang Mall. As usual, me and my bros ordered soya bean with cincau, and man was it nice! Haven't had any for such a long time! after that, we went to the games shop and bought a few PS2 games. After we got home I tried out the games on PS2, while my bro hogged my com again, he's been on it for so long that I suspect that he's been hypnotized by my com to stick to it 24/7. Napped a bit, play around a bit with johnny boy and then it's time for dinner! had some usual stuff(Oh I miss these, nvr appreciated this when i was staying home) in a chinese restaurant. Then got back and watched smallville till 11, chat chat, and started blogging :P Gonna go to school tmrw(Hope the teacher still recognizes me. Hmm... shud I go only after i cut my hair?) and ask for permission to promote NUS in school, among the form 6 students.

The End :P

P/S: Got an offer to change my specs, shud I? :P

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Been browsing through some of 5B gangs' blog archives, and I can see a lot of changes in some of them, some physically, and some mentally, or at least the way they describe life in their blog when i say mentally... How time flies... 5B gang is one year old dy, and the members are all in 2nd year of their studies in NUS, and hell yeah, we're struggling to survive here(well, at least most of us are). I really couldn't imagine chubs in that kind of hairstyle he was a year ago, so used to the fact that his hair is long and spiky when he wants it :D Suyin pula, I couldn't believe she was that chubby last time @@ John chan... ur blog entires are all so long, read until headache dy just now :P Syen, as far as I can tell, not much of change in her looks, but seems to be a bit more mature than last time? though, still as cheeky(sometimes) and sarcastic(all the time XD) as when I 1st know her. The rest are quite new bloggers, can't find any old posts that that pre-dates NUS academic year 06/07, although, I still could find a lot of grammar mistakes In Kai Lin's blog XD. Maybe I should start picture blogging too, to see whether I've changed after 4 years in NUS. From what I noticed, I look thinner last time when I 1st came to NUS, and true enough oso, my weight has increased since I came here. Not enough exercise and too many food I guess. Must control diet!


During some period last year, I keep wondering... will anyone here miss me if I suddenly go missing? What if, one day, I'm run-over by a stray car... will anyone miss me? Or at least, remembers me? Will they be more happy with me gone from their life?

Silly huh?

Or maybe not?

I dunno...


Will try to get picture of all 5B gang members and put them on next post, after graduate, see whether there's any significance changes in looks and style :D


Seems like my best friends from my secondary school last time are very distant from me now... Even when he's on9 in msn, Alan won't even initiate a conversation with me, and everytime I initiated it, he either ignores or just say he's busy... Of all my best friends, only Tchuin chats with me once in a while... Is friendship so easily forgotten? I wonder...


On a happier sidenote, I'm proud to announce I'm a fully 100% tenor, not a baritone that can reach high notes :P And to further enhance my skills, I'm told to practice singing falsetto for at least half an hour a day @@


skippity skip skip! Last week was one of the happiest week in my life ever since I came to NUS. I have never ever felt so light-hearted for such a long stretch of period. Details only known to my little sis for now :D


I'm broke... need to control my spendings or else I won't be able to last the year...
I wanna complain about the S.A.M. machine in YIH! It's not working! bah!!!! I keep inserting my card in it and it kept bounce it back. stupid machine! guess I have to go to cenlib to pay either tmrw or the day after or my line will be terminated soon T_T


Time to sleep now, byeeeezzzz!

*Leo falls dead asleep on bed*