Friday, July 11, 2008

Age - maturity, childish

Hypothesis: a 200 year old person will think that a 150 year old person is childish.

Maturity and childish, what defines them? Is there a standard that at a certain age, certain behaviour defines u as mature? I'm sure everyone has experienced this, where what we deem as fun and all are being called childish by our elders. And I'm sure most of us now will look at the younger little kids and call them childish while they are playing their little toy plane, toy car, dolls etc. etc. right?

We are expected to behave in a way that our age group is SUPPOSED to behave. But, what if let's say suddenly everyone around the age of 20 suddenly loves to play with toy car? And I do mean play not make a collection of car models. Then woud we be considered mature? Since everyone around our age is doing it, then playing toy car wouldn't be considered childish right?

Another point to make. When is the age that people are saturated with maturity? I dunno whether u understand my last sentence, but for the sake of those who dont: When is it that there won't be anyone else who will consider you childish? We call the little kids childish, sometimes our parents say we're childish, god knows whether our grandparents call our parents childish, and so forth... Then if someday men finds a way to extend his age to 200 years old, will they find that those around 100 years old childish? I can only speculate that most probably, they'll think that way. Reason behind it is for the 200 year old guy, at the age of 100, they were probably still brushing their teeth(If they still have any at that time :P ) manually, using hands, while the 100 year old guy gets have some fancy little robots cleaning his teeth automatically after every meal. It would be funny to see a 200 year old man telling a 100-year old man:" You young people have it easy, at our time bla bla bla..."

What I want to say is, definition of what's mature to a person changes with the way they think, and more often than not, ageing usually does change the way people thinks. And when u age, those younger than you will seem childish to you.

Conclusion: Same as hypothesis. Create a life-extending potion and prove that I'm wrong :P