Monday, June 8, 2009

Accomodation blues~

After been trying for one whole month to get a unit, still didn't manage to get one unit that everyone agrees on...

Unit 1 : Toh Guan Road -> 1800, me fussy and blur blur... I thought very far away since it says 9 minutes to Jurong East station... as well as some idiot offering higher price as well... ->down the drain

Unit 2 : West Coast -> 2200, everyone says it's fine at 1st, then half an hour b4 signing contract two guys says too ex dun wan dy... I'm fine if you tell me earlier that it's too ex, I can understand one wert... Just pissed that I wasted one whole evening going down there for nothing. well, except pissing off the owner. That might count as some fun sport.

My philosophy for this: b4 we move in, be as fussy as you want, since you'll be staying there for one whole year. After move into the unit, be considerate to each other, we dun wan unnecessary fights.

Unit 3 : West Coast -> 1900, but this one feels spooooookieeee. The lighting in the unit is bad, it looks super dirty, gives bad impression... the foyer downstairs also feels a bit like a scene from a ghost movie, where the ghost are gonna jump out in a few moments >_>

Unit 4 : Commonwealth, lots of units... but all grabbed within an hour or two after posting... >_>

Unit 5 : Bukit Batok->1500, Makes me super furious one.... so hard find one so cheap, 1500 for a 3+1, and then some freaking ass go and offer 1800 to the owner. What the hell is wrong with you people? Too much money dunno where to spend? There are other units nearby about 1800 as well, and I dun see anything special here as well other than the price, if you're not here for 1500, why the hell?

Unit 6 : Jurong East 2250

Waiting for another one, agent told us bukit batok as well, viewing on thursday after they get listed. Hopes everything goes well... In the meantime, prays that got a unit nearer to NUS that's cheap.... haiz... budget constraints, no choice...


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