Saturday, October 25, 2008

Typically normal day

Woke up this morning and finalized my part for e-gaming. Though not much can be written, since if I elaborate it'll not be a proposal to someone who know about the business. Came out from commonwealth around 12.30, met a law exchange student from US who needs direction to the main campus.So just brought her along lor. She's a graduate student by the name of May, and she's so knowledgeable lor... and also she's travelled to lots of places... so envy :P

Met the rest of the group around 1.30. Finish discussion, then went down to take bus 51 to bugis, had to get the scores from Tempest Music today. Tried some of the mocchi ice cream they had in bugis junction, a bit too hard for my liking :P Then oso bought some cream puff for dessert later :P hope it tastes nice, still in the fridge now.

On the way back, an old uncle asked me for direction to St. James Power Station... weird...


Hmm... go hangzhou? dun go hangzhou? dunno leh... if none of my friends are going then I feel like not going oso... >.<

Sunday, October 12, 2008

another bitching post

freaking idiot keep singing wrong notes behind me. and some more, his voice is jarring and doesn't blend at all. When i ask him to tone down a bit cuz he's too loud, he said he sang that loud cuz he can't hear himself... you're not supposed to hear yourself when ur blending nicely with the rest, at least not for our level as of now. Unless if all of us are great soloist, then we can make a soloist choir, but that's beside the point. In our current situation, the only way u can distinctly hear yourself is when u sing jarringly, don't blend with the others, and if u sing wrong notes.


Found out that the idiot soloist yesterday sang like that cuz he said he was late and wasn't properly warmed up yet... wtf???? You know you're going to sing high notes. You know you can't sing them before warming up. You know you can warm up before going on stage. The warm up session in the dressing room. If you feel that you still need extra warm ups, by all means do so in the room. No one will laugh at you cuz we all know that we need to be warmed up b4 singing. Ok, and if all else fails, and you think you can't sing high notes that morning, fine. Let the choir know you plan to change your solo part to some other stuff. We were all waiting for the falsetto then we'll start clapping. I know it's not professional of us to not just count the beats and then start clapping when we reach the point, but still, you couldn't expect us all, some of us first time on stage, some of us first time experience something like this, to react like nothing had happened.


Had this stupid dream, and woke up feeling warm and fuzzy... then reality sets in, and brooded the whole morning >_<

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bitching post

Sing sing sing~ solo guy suddenly without any notice at all decides to sing some notes one octave lower. Even in the rehearsal before the performance he was singing the original one. And then he decides to stun the whole group by singing one octave lower. yeah. smart. i would so love to bash him straight after that. If he can't do that high note, at least let us know before performance that he'll be singing one octave lower. I'll be glad with some sort of warning. Even if just before we go on stage. the worst part is, we're supposed to start moving and clapping right after his solo, and he just had to stun us.

In the end, the clapping started like half a beat slower than the one we practiced. Nice. smart man. go eat shit and die. this is our first performance in front of a new guy in charge of nus, and you decide to try and screw us? if something worse happened, the rest of the comm might just have to dig you up from the grave b4 they can have a go at you.

And NO! I don't think you can compare this mistake with shu shan's. That one was still acceptable in my standard, everyone makes mistake right? it's not intentional. In this case, it is intentional. You can say it's accidental if he goes a little bit flat or sharp. But when it goes off in one whole octave, I really can't think of any other explanations other than intentional.

(Ok, I know he probably doesn't intend to screw us, but still, what he did was totally unprofessional, with all those first time performers. if you don't like what i said, keep it to yourself. or just go away)


Buffet lunch provided for State of University Address is super nice! The thought of the sirloin with mushroom sauce alone makes me drool :P Chatted with a few VIP, and thank god they say our performance is very nice. But still, even if it is not nice, I don't think they'll just say it straight to our face, politeness vs honesty >_>

At least Mona won't be walking around NUS with a brown paper bag with two holes. oh oh! quoted from mona: CFA is run by the penang mafias :P kheng koon from penang, mona oso from penang, heh.


EE2007 was not bad. The program worked pretty well. Mini 1 and mini2 are both alright. The GA said we did quite well(yay!), just that answer a few questions wrongly(buh...).

Pei Suen's EE2001 project a bit sot sot. sometimes the buzzer will go off, sometimes it won't, all under the same conditions >_> Adding LCD screen to my system as extra feature.

Engine pro, have to submit flowchart to group by this weekend, still haven't done anything yet.

GEM, I should be writing up my part right now, but somehow, i find blogging more appealing :P

gaming... dunno what to write... bleh...


Tales of The Abyss!!!!

Super nice game! And now the anime is coming out! It's about this guy Luke, who was abducted when he was young, and then returned after a few years with all his memories of his childhood loss. Truth is, he's a clone from the original guy... go watch if you're free. Oh, there's magic and sword-fights in the anime fyi. I probably am not doing any justice to the anime with my review though :P

I wonder though... if you are a clone of someone else, what will you do? fight with him to take the right of existence? Or live harmoniously? >_<


ガラス玉ひとつ 落とされた 追いかけてもうひとつ 落っこちた
ひとつ分の陽だまりに ひとつだけ殘ってる
心臓が始まった時 嫌でも人は場所を取る
奪われない様に 守り続けてる
汚さずに保ってきた 手でも汚れて見えた
記憶を疑う前に 記憶に疑われてる

必ず僕らは出会うだろう 同じ鼓動の音を目印にして
ここに居るよ いつだって呼んでるから

存在が続く限り 仕方無いから場所を取る
ひとつ分の陽だまりに ふたつはちょっと入れない
ガラス玉ひとつ 落とされた 落ちた時 何か弾き出した
奪い取った場所で 光を浴びた
数えた足跡など 気付けば数字でしか無い
知らなきゃいけない事は どうやら1と0の間

初めて僕らは出会うだろう 同じ悲鳴の旗を目印にして
忘れないで いつだって呼んでるから
重ねた理由を 二人で埋める時

鏡なんだ 僕ら互いに
それぞれのカルマを 映す為の
汚れた手と手で 触り合って

ここに居るよ 確かに触れるよ 
一人分の陽だまりに 僕らは居る
忘れないで いつだって呼んでるから 同じガラス玉の內側の方から
そうさ 必ず僕らは出会うだろう 沈めた理由に十\字架を建てる時

Garasudama hitotsu otosareta oikakete mou hitotsu okkochita
Hitotsu bun no hidamari ni hitotsu dake nokotteru
Shinzou ga hajimatta toki iya demo hito ha basho wo toru
Ubawarenai you ni mamoritsuzuketeru

Yogosazu ni tamottekita te demo yogorete mieta
Kioku wo utagau mae ni kioku ni utagawareteru

Kanarazu bokura wa deau darou
Onaji kodou no oto wo mejirushi ni shite
Koko ni iru yo itsu datte yonderu kara
Kutabireta riyuu ga kasanatte yureru toki

Umareta imi wo shiru

Sonzai ga tsuzuku kagiri shikata nai kara basho wo toru
Hitotsu bun no hidamari ni futatsu wa chotto hairenai
Garasudama hitotsu otosareta ochita toki nanika hajikidashita
Ubaitotta basho de hikari wo abita

Kazoeta ashiato nado kizukeba suuji de shika nai
Shiranakya ikenai koto wa dou yara ichi to zero no aida

Hajimete bokura wa deau darou
Onaji himei no hata wo mejirushi ni shite
Wasurenai de itsudatte yonderu kara
Kasaneta riyuu wo futari de umeru toki

Yakusoku ga kawasareru

Kagami nanda bokura tagai ni
Sorezore no KARUMA wo utsusu tame no
Yogoreta te to te de sawariatte
Katachi ga wakaru

Koko ni iru yo tashika ni sawareru yo
Hitori bun no hidamari ni bokura wa iru

Wasurenai de itsudatte yonderu kara
Onaji garasudama no uchigawa no hou kara
Sou sa kanarazu bokura wa deau darou
Shizumeta riyuu ni jyuujika wo tateru toki

Yakusoku wa hatasareru
Bokura wa hitotsu ni naru

A glass ball was dropped, another dropped as I chased it.
In one spot of sunshine, only one left.

When our hearts start to beat, we reluctantly keep territories.
And continue to protect them from being taken away.

My hands look tainted even though I kept them clean.
And before I question my memories, my memories question me.

We will definitely meet, with the same vibration as our sign.
I’m here, and will always call out for you.
When we both fell for the same reason,
we’ll understand the meaning of our existence.

As long as we exist, we have no choice but to take up spaces.
In one spot of sunshine, it’s a bit crowded for two.

A glass ball was dropped. When it fell, something broke out.
And we bathed in sunshine while we fought for it.

We realized those steps we counted, mean nothing but merely numbers.
The thing we must understand, is somewhere between 1 and 0.

We will meet for the first time, with the same cry as our sign.
Please don’t forget, I will always call out for you.
When we are both burried for the same reason,
promise will be made.

We are one another’s mirror that
reflects our karma.
While our tainted hands touch each other,
and feel their silhouette.

You are here, because I can feel you.
In one spot of sunshine, we share spaces.

Please do not forget, I will always call out for you from inside of the glass ball.
Yes, we will finally meet, when the cross is built above the reasons.
Our promise will be complete,
and we will become one.