Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rant rant rant!

First and foremost, my favourite song in choir is not yu ye hua! And I doubt anyone besides you love the song like that. Secondly, I think you're a bit twisted. "Think of a lady in red hanging from the tree when you're singing the song"??????? How twisted can you get? Just the thought of it makes me shiver, and you're saying to apply that to the song? What? Sing with my legs shaking? =.='

I really am worried about our chances in the competition with you singing. I don't doubt that you can get your notes correctly, I give you credit for that, but please, you're not a soloist, try to make your voice blend in with the rest when you're singing. Maybe it's just me, but I can always hear your distinct signature screaming when singing. Especially the 1st Amen in Ave Maris Stella. Undoubtedly, you're very suitable for the solo part in Bal-Laygi, yes, that's the sort of tone quality suitable for that part. But not the other songs, we're supposed to blend in . Choir is about the music produced as a group. But if your voice sticks out like that, it doesn't sound that nice. I should go listen to the recordings now, I'm not really sure whether it could be heard by the judges, but from my position.... Ok, I'm repeating myself again right?

And try to show respect to our dear SL, dun always try to take charge. He knows what's good for us. yes, you can give your opinion, and you should too, to the SL, but when he says No, just get on with it and stop insisting. What's more, it's very irritating everytime you go near a piano and try to test your voice range for god knows what reason. Always, press one note, and scream AHHHH! then one note higher, and again and again =.=' you're supposed to sing the note, not scream it! And anyway, it'll spoil your throat IMO if you keep screaming. you should sing scale, going up gradually.

One more thing, your sense of timing is terrible, especially the tak ken turrr part. I suggest you dun sing the 1st two bars, get the rhythm from us, then continue from there. We can get the rhythm right, but sometimes, you're just confusing us with your rhythm. Anyway, finished ranting now. But great job for Bal-Laygi and yu ye hua, it's ur fav song because you sing quite well in those two songs. I suggest you use that sort of singing in the other songs too. Think what you want. Lady in red, black yellow whatever hanging from wherever you want, but keep those thoughts to yourself. If it helps you sing better, all the better.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Choir Performance in Esplanade! ~and some other things ~

Lots and lots have happened in between the last time I blog and now, butI dun think I'll be putting everything inside this post. To know what happened during the trip to Langkawi, Penang and Ipoh, refer to John, Syen or Carly's blog.

Got back to Singapore two weeks ago, on a Saturday morning. My parents drove me back, and my bro tagged along too, and stayed with me until Tuesday morning. We went to sentosa around 4 in the noon, nothing much there, quite boring IMO >.<>.< down =".="'">.<

1st performance on Friday was ok, but I found out that a graduated senior tenor 1 who was standing on my left(not Huai Zi, he's on my right) is some sort like a mini Mr. X, his voice quality doesn't blend too well with the rest. I'm not really sure whether mine blends in or not though :P But still, I can comment on that right?

2nd performance is really damn sucky! Wrong timing here and there. The choir didn't get in on the last note in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, brass instruments blasting like there's no tmrw, pipe organ the usual sucky performance =.=

3rd performance was the best overall, the pipe organist stunned me actually, she played correctly, and in time with the conductor oso, although some wrong notes here and there, she played definitely very well in the last one. And there were two encore pieces for the last show, Shinobi and One Winged Angel. The crowd cheered very very loudly when we started the One Winged Angel encore.

During performance time, especially the 1st half b4 the intermissions, a lot of us almost fall asleep sitting behind the orchestra. I had to pinch myself to keep myself from falling asleep. One common thing about the audience in all 3 performances is that they always laugh in the beginning when they were playing Super Mario Bros and the screen shows the game, and oso during the encore piece of Shinobi, they'll laugh when the screen shows the game.

Last night, I didn't sleep at all, and was playing game and watching series, cuz after finishing laundry was around 3 ady, so dun wanna sleep 1st cuz if I sleep then I'll get a headache when i wake up at 8. So I played game until 7.30, got back room and changed, and then left for Golden Mile. Slept in the bus just now, and I'm still in bus now writing this blog. Just so you know, I'm writing this in a notepad, will cut and paste it when I get back hom later :) Anyway, ciaoz! finsihed what I think i shud typed dy :P