Saturday, March 21, 2009


Since so many of you guys asked me about it, I'll just save the time of answering everything here. Ask if and only if I didn't put the required info here.

yo:HA commonwealth
-double sharing rooms
-air conditioned
-there are two rooms per unit
-10 blocks x 3 storeys high x 4 units per storey
-equipped with washing machines, no dryer. can dry under the sun outside. got a special area set up for each block
-Hot plate
-Dining table
-1 stand fan for the living room, no fans in you rown room unless u get one yourself
-toilet/bathroom with water heater

In your room:
1 single bed
1 study table
1 plug point(you need to get extension etc. if u need more than one)
1 cupboard

-hostel fees: last sem was 500 sgd per month, but this sem dropped to 350 per month. Not sure about next sem, no notice yet, I assume it'll still be 350 per month
-shuttle bus serviced just started this month. hostel->cenlib: 7:30am - 10am, half an hour frequency. cenlib->hostel: 6:00-8:30, one every half an hour. and another one at 10pm.
-If you don't wanna take/missed the shuttle bus, you'll have to walk a little, take a bus from the mrt station 2 stops down, then transfer to 95 to reach school

erm, and as to whether you can choose your room mates or not, I'm not really sure. Last sem it was because me and james checked in quite late and we went to OSA together, they let us choose room mate. If you need info on this, either call the OSA people or e-mail them. The email can be found from your NUS mail on accom application.

That's about everything I can think of now. If got other questions unanswered, please feel free to ask.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

<3 winged helm