Sunday, May 13, 2007


Ok, I admit this is a long overdue post, and after a kick(literally) from our dear lovely Syen, decided to blog again about the past few weeks. Last update I made was about half a month ago huh? So this post would be super long, so if ur scared of reading long posts, I suggest you just click on the cross button on the top right corner there. Need further instructions?

After physics paper, we all went to have lunch at NUH kopitiam there. Ryan is especially funny that day XD. He wasn't with us when we board the bus from opposite YIH, so we just called him to let him know that we're going NUH for lunch, and if he can make it, wait for the bus at SRC there, cuz our bus is going there oso. nearing YIH, Ryan saw the bus, and starts to run. Then someone(Syen Baltic, I think, not sure, dun bash me if I'm wrong XP) said: Run Kitty Kat, Run! All of us were laughing at Ryan's antique antic XD, and Ryan too, seems to laugh a bit, though I have no idea why @.@ So hop he got on the bus with us. But you know what? In the end all those running just serve him the purpose of having exercise. He blur blur a bit, didn't got down on the stop we're all supposed to alight =.='

Sunday, our beloved sister Sopphia's birthday! We all met at Eusoff Hall at 12 to prepare a birthday surprise for her! Syen and Teresa draw a big key for her, and well, the process is so like what us all engineers are trained to do, precision! Using ruler and all, making sure it's symmetrical, XD. After finishing the preparation, we stick our handiwork on Sopphia's door, and the expression she gave when she saw it was funny: a very long and slow mo-ed "Oh-My-Gosh!" Afterwards, Sopphia told us that she actually thought she was on the wrong place when she saw her door with our decorations, and looked around at her neighbour's until she finally realise that it was her room and start to cry out her so long and slow mo-ed oh my gosh XD

Monday night, a gang of us(comprising of chau, syen, me, baltic, ryan, alpha, john, suyin, wei feng and carly) went to Thai Express in Vivocity for dinner! Man the dish I ordered is damn spicy! So spicy that I'd swear it almost burned a hole through my throat. I think I'm on the verge of tears dy that time, a bit more spicy then I'll be a crybaby then XP. Spicy it is, but it tastes quite nice though. I like the juice too, but given the choice, I'd rather make my own Avocado juice, tastes much better than theirs XD. Oh ya, and I got my mouse that day too! Thanks to John who brought me to the right place, heh. Thx John! Oh, b4 I forget, I got my 160G external harddisk in Suntec City the day b4! Yay! Now i can store all those movies, animes, games and all installation programmes inside there! So during dinner, baltic acts as if he too is eating something spicy, while in fact, the fried rice he ordered is anything but spicy =.=' So after dinner, we gave james his birthday surprise! A pair of pants(pity we didn't choose the orange coloured one XD) and also a Zinc bag. Happy James? :)

Tuesday passed by without much events, so my memory of that day is quite blur.... On Wednesday, it's QET CTW! Our last and final test! I'm glad that it's not quite hard though, I hoped that I did well enough. I dun hope for an A or anything, a pass will do for me now, considering the efforts I've put into it(which almost amounts to zero =.='). After exam, I went to the co-op to get my two other novels, and then head back to pgp to have lunch in K Gourmet with Syen, Ryan and James. Then James went out to somewhere near Queensway for his HP adapter problem, and Ryan went Queensway for I dunno what :P. Me by the way, went back to take a nap, well nap after I finished chatting and everything.

Thursday morning I woke up and start to play Mo Siang on9 in R2 tv room, but seems like everyone's too tired so no one came down teman me T_T. At nite, we went out to Chinatown to have our dinner, then after that we walked all the way to Clarke Quay, then to The asylum(yeap, we're a bunch of cuckoos!), ordered drinks, played Cho Tai Ti with Syen's mini cards, play chess, and Jenga. After a while, John and Chau secretly left and bought a piece of cake to celebrate Kelvin's birthday! After we got back, I went to R3 TV room to play game and read novel hehe. We saw some of the guys marinating the kitchen from the balcony there XD. Me and Chubs watched naruto too that nite :P. After that, I continued reading my novel and finished it at around 3am XD sorry lor, old habits die hard, can't stop myself from finishing the last few chapters of the novel. Anyway, woke up the next morning at around 11.30, rushed everything and went downstairs to have lunch with he others in pgp canteen. It's been such a long long time since so many of us msl-ians gathered together to have a meal like this ^^. Anyway, after lunch only I realised I forgot a few important things, 1 of them being my pendrive, to copy eyeshield manga from John XD, and oso the two honeydews in my fridge. Funny thing is, I only thought of the honeydew when I think of Kai Lin XD

Anyway, we took bus, MRT, and bus again to reach the chalet. For pictures, click on the link to 5B, The Legend, me too lazy to put them up, and oso, if I have to upload them one by one to my post, it'll take at least one whole day with the amount of pictures and also the connection here.
Anyway, after putting down our stuffs in the chalet, we went to Pulau Ubin to have fun! We cycled around the island for almost an hour. The downhill parts are fun, but not the uphill, my butt and thighs are practically sore after I got down the bike, cause: hvr got on a bike for more than a year dy :P. Anyway, chubs is damn fast with his bike, always leading the pack :P. After cycling, we got back to the chalet and start to prepare for the BBQ. Seems like the guys are all responsible for building the fire, cleaning the meatballs and sausages, and oso to cut the fruit. While the gals.... better not say anything *runs for life from Syan, Su Yin, Alison and Carly's daggers* XD. After the fire is hot enuff, we start BBQ! I especially love the meatballs and fishballs! The fried rice is obviously a favourite, the 1st dish to be finished. I dun like the bee hoon though, doesn't taste nice IMO. The drinks though, seems to be a bit too diluted, not sweet enough for my tastebuds :P

After dinner, we celebrated May Babies' birthday. Then I went upstairs to take a bath and spent about an hour reading my novel again, hehe. After that, went downstairs and saw the others are playing polar bear, since they've started, some of us latecomers can't join, so me, Syen, Yen Yoong and Alison played a few rounds of Cho Tai Ti to wait until we can join the polar bear game :) First time playing leh actually... last time during UFO that time didn't join them go play til late at nite at fong seng cuz used to the sleep pattern at home, can't help but start feeling sleepy around 11. But nowadays I think almost all of us who are already in NUS for almost one year is already used to sleeping around 1-3 in the morning XD. The polar bear game is quite fun! I wished I could be one though, but in the end I only got civilians for all the 3 rounds I played. After that, I went upstairs to sleep for about 3 hours. Wake up, played bluff with the rest that are still awake, then msged my parents asking them whether they're on the journey dy. Luckily I did, mum said the alarm clock didn't work that day, they're supposed to wake up at 4.30, but later only after recieving my msg around 5.30 did they wake up, heh.

After breakfast, me, Syen, Carly and Wei Feng went upstairs to play Cho Tai Ti again(Ryan.... u know what's coming up right? XD) We 1st go into the bedroom that Ryan and Edward shared. When Syen and Carly sat on the bed Ryan was sleeping on, the whole board supporting the mattress fell down on the floor! When Syen found out it was Ryan who slept there last nite... well, let's just say Ryan is full of holes from Syen again XD. After the game, we all took some pictures in the living room and a few at outside the chalet b4 leaving. Hmm... I "vaguely" remembered someone wanting a bouquet of mock flower that someone else rejected.... wonder who is it leh? *laffs hard* Anyway, me, syen, ryan and james decided to take a taxi back to pgp cuz it's faster, and we're all too sleepy to take bus and mrt cuz have to interchange here and there. So after giving the instruction to the taxi driver, all of us slept through at least 80% of the journey. After we reached pgp, i saw my parents waiting for me dy, so after leaving my stuff in my room, I brought my parents to the backgate there for them to take a cab to their hotel. The taxi stand in the foyer there was crowded with people waiting for taxi. After that, me go back room to sleep, really damn tired after the whole night having fun in the chalet. Then 5B gang at last gathered at 5B to have dinner! Ok, all beside Chau who went back a few days b4. Then after dinner we waved farewell to baltic and chubs, who were going back on a bus at 9 that nite. The rest of us go back room and some went down to play badminton with Kim Wong they all. I didn't start packing until around 10 though, and it took me the whole nite until 3 in the morning to finish packing. Thx James for helping me shift my fridge and air cooler to dear Cuyin's room :) After finish packing, even though I'm tired, I still went down to play Mo Siang on9 til 4 o'clock. Guess I'm addicted dy huh? Then went back room to sleep.

Woke up the next day at around 10.30, put all my stuffs into the car and then check out of pgp. I'll miss my room, especially since it's on the 7th floor, though not so nice view, but still, it's one of the safest cluster cuz rarely will people come up to the top floor. Even if they wanna steal, the lower levels are much more of an easier victim spot. And besides, with me as cluster leader... :P After msging all my frens goodbye, we left for my home! Yay!

Nothing much happened the first few days at home, just sleep, eat, play game, read novel, oh, by the way, I've finished all my novels at hand, maybe gonna go 1U to get somemore, anyone interested to join? Then last Thursday, went out with my mum to watch Spiderman 3! Dunno why some people say that Spiderman 3 is not nice, but IMO it's quite good leh! Nice graphics and all, the storyline oso not bad. My mum looks young right? I was mistaken for her brother once =.='

Friday, us helpers for the welcome tea on Saturday are invited to a high tea with Mr. Kelly and Mr. Raj, officers of the office of admissions. The cakes and sweets served are damn nice! I especially love the strawberry truffles! They briefed us a bit on how to answer some of the FAQs such as why choose NUS over NTU for engineering course? Why not SMU over NUS for business? and some other questions. Well personally, if I'm asked which Uni is better, NUS or NTU, I'd definitely say NUS! Well i mean, I dun quite like the environment in NTU there, even though I've only been there twice. Definitely prefer NUS environment! lecture-wise I can't be sure, cuz nvr attended any of the NTU lectures, but it couldn't deviate much could it? All the lecturers, ok most, are old and boring, those that aren't are a rarity. Most important reason that I'd answer NUS is cuz I have a bunch of great friends that I would otherwise wouldn't get to know! :)

Saturday! Welcome Tea! Kim Wong woke me up at 6.50 asking me whether he can follow me go to KTM or not =.=' I mean, can't u have asked me last nite when I was still awake? RAWR!!!! Anyway, I was a bit later than my ETA cuz I fell down on the way I came, and missed the monorail just by 5 seconds zzzzz... When I got on the stairs, i saw the door just starting to close. if it wasn't for the fact that I fell down on the elevator, i would have been able to make it on that train. So end up I reached Renaissance around 9, half an hour later than i intended... Welcome Tea starts, we listen to Mr, Raj's introduction and all. And Kim Wong, of all the long speeches that he had given, still dare say that the guy's speech is too long XD. Hmm.... I learned that Wen hau and Pei Suen are both very suitable to each other, both a bit blur blur sometimes XD. Wen Hau left his camera in the reception table, but luckily he's still in the parking lot when i called him about it. Then it's Pei Suen's turn. She called me asked frantically asked whether we're still in Renaissance, when i replied no, she told me that she left her hp back in Renaissance, and a second later, she exclaimed, oh, it's here in the car =.='

Had lunch at Burger King in KLCC. Oh, on the way to KLCC, near a bus stand, Syen called to James:"Watch your head!" and a sec later, bang! his head kena the awning XD. For once, I'm glad I'm short :P After lunch, we went to puduraya to buy bus tix for the trip on the 16th. Then we all went back home to sleep cuz it's damn tiring to have to wake up so early for the welcome tea... At around 9.30, I drove to Sri Damansara McD there to wait for Yen Yoong to come pick me up to go yam cha and play pool in Asia cafe. While waiting, I called and chatted with Ying Chi for about 10 minutes, hehe, it was nice to chat with her again after so long. And well, I have about 110 dollars credit, so dun mind using them to call for 10 minutes, cuz i won't be using them much anyways. Played a bit of foosball in Asia cafe there while waiting for out turn on the pool table. Yen Yoong and Swee Siang are damn good players, and Yuan Lih btw, by far let in the most goals XD. After the pool session, we went down to yamcha, and go back home afterwards. Oh, and Syen's apartment there looks damn nice leh, like some sort of holiday resort liddat IMO :P. Reached Sri Damansara around 2, and thx ya Yen Yoong and Alicen for sending me straight to right in front of my car :). Reached home around 2.30, showered and then came down to play games somemore XD. Slept around 4 in the morning.

This morning, dad woke me up at around 9 for breakfast... Well, haven't had breakfast with all of them for a long time dy, so I just pulled my butt out of my bed and lazily clean myself up and had breakfast with them. Nothing much happened today oso, but after lunch, I had an intense headache, due to lack of sleep no doubt. Head still hurts like hell when i woke up, so took a pill and luckily it subsided dy... Well that's all for this post. If you have read non-stop and finished this in one go, I really have to congratulate you for having the willpower to continue, anyway, I'll stop dy. Damn tired writing this post, started to write after breakfast, and only finished now. Ok, til next timw, i hope I'll blog more frequently, so to not have to write something this long ever again. Think it's torturous to read the whole thing? It's even more torturous for me to finish writing the blog.

Last line for the blog: Happy holidays everyone! Cyu 5b gang on the 16th nite!