Thursday, December 4, 2008


... at nobody in particular

I just do not freaking understand how the hell is it possible that they don't have enough scores, when I photocopied at least 10 extras for each and every single scores? Proof? The thickness of each envelope that keeps increasing week after week. zzzz

Now I had to wake up early and go down to photocopy more scores for them... so much for my holiday... buh...


Left exam early today. Finished within half an hour, left just as soon as Alex announced it was alright to leave :P

Went straight down to comcen to print the form for choir. Went back to cfa to check the availability of files.

Had lunch at some BBQ chicken thingie, 1st time go to west coast plaza. The cold storage is really damn cold though :P


My ninja is so damn cool! Love the skill that makes my atk spd becomes 1.5! Kill monsters like crazy fast. Pity the def like a piece of paper... a few hit ady dying... but at least evasion is damn high.