Sunday, August 24, 2008


Choir Auditions:
NUS choir audition started on Monday, and lasted til Wednesday. The music comms are doing the musical auditioning, p and vp are doing the interview, while the rest of the admin comms are doing the ushering. For the 1st day, the ushering is still not tiring, since the interviewing and the auditioning are on the same floor, we just had to bring them from the meeting room to the practice room 1. Don't quite remember much of the freshies that came for the interview that day, cuz a lot of seniors came as well, and I was a talking quite a lot with jia tian, a senior, who's same year as terrence. Saw some MSL freshies, went in to listen two of them, one was not bad, the other went a bit off-tune singing the scales. Her tone quality's not bad though, so I guess maybe that's why she got through the audition. The other guy was a bit nervous at the beginning of his song, but after a while he settled down and sang quite ok.

2nd day, the auditioning was a bit more tiring, since we can't get PR1 for the auditioning, and had to use studio 6(which I have no idea existed until then) which is located all the way to the end at LG. And add to the fact that no other seniors came at the beginning, it was only me, pei suen and seng hong ushering at 1st, and nathalie and rachel was interviewing. Was a bit kelam kabut since there are too few ushers. Siow Chuen and Lee Ven came for the audition too. Wanted to listen to them from outside, but just right when siow chuen started to sing, the air-cond outside started to make a lot of noise zzz.

3rd day was alright, just enough ushers, and we took turn bringing people down to the audition room. Total of about 90 people for 3 days, which is quite a drastic drop compared to last year. Last year is about 50 per day, total to 150, this year, 1st day 2nd day ngam ngam 30, 3rd day 32... Anyway, 66 people passed the audition this year, so our family member grew by almost double :P After the audition, the music comm started to sort out those who passed and those who didn't. The admin comm, all in the same room, opened a conference chatroom in msn, while waiting for the music comm to finish sorting. After that, we started sending out e-mails and sms-es to all those who came for audition. Siow Chuen was so happy that she passed the audition msg-ed me telling me the good news, since she thought I didn't know... but I wickedly blew her bubble telling her that I'm one of those in the meeting room sending out mass msg-es to them all XD

1st choir practice after auditioning has an overwhelming number of people, like last year also. Number of slippers and shoes outside the dance studio is so much until they reach the stairs. For the 1st time ever in the time I'm in NUS choir, the number of tenors are a lot more than the basses! Woo Hoo! The practice room for tenors is usually big enough to accomodate our numbers, with enough space to sit, and still has a lot of empty spaces even with full attendance. But today, some of use even had to stand, the room was filled to the brim. And for the 1st time ever, the volume produced by the tenors are so loud that it's a bit unsettling to me. Just felt a bit unnatural that our volume is so loud. Usually tenors are so few that we have to compensate by singing louder. I think, since tenors are used to blasting louder in a choir, we are a bit unbalanced, and need to tone down a bit, like tha altos, which usually are so huge in numbers that they can't blast at all if they dun wanna ruin the music :P


Went back home on Friday, so nice to go back home. Had buffet dinner in Renaissance to celebrate little bro's birthday on Saturday... the price has really increased drastically compared to the 1st time we went there, but the food quality is almost the same... Dunno why he still like to go there :P

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Shifted back to Bedok yesterday, and I seriously started to feel very very bored dy... Yes I get a room all to myself, with aircon, and free of charge also, But seriously I feel very very bored and lonely. The whole family won't be at home from 7 in the morning til about 5-6pm...

Woke up around 8 this morning, played games, watched videos, etc.etc., then at 11.50 went out to NUS to get my laptop battery replaced. It's so freaking annoying that my com shut down without any notice, since my charger is also a bit spoiled, can only charge at certain angles. Add that to a 5 minute battery, and you get your com shut down cuz no power for so many times that u wonder whether it can still work the next time u start it up.

Reached Science just right when it's lunch time for the IT co-op... saw the staff walking down the stairs just when i reached. Great. No choice, went to cfa and started playing games until they open. Sent the battery for replacement, then headed straight back for bedok. Play game, napped, watched video, etc. etc. man I'm bored...