Monday, July 30, 2007

stupid sony ericsson phone

My phone kept dying more frequently the past few days T_T Yesterday alone it kept dying for dunno how many times, whenever I wanna check the time or msg and took it out from my pocket, it's dead. It's not as if there's no battery left, it's still at least 50% full. This morning, after I charged for one whole night, it dieded again mid way when i was checking the calendar >.< I need to send it to repair dy...

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I will not be on time anymore, I will always be at least 10 minutes late. Damn frustrating, I go there at the agreed time, and no one's there. DO NOT BLAME ME IF I'M LATE OK? I WAS ALWAYS ON TIME, AND I'M SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING >:( NEXT TIME YOU GUYS SAY 10, I'LL TAKE IT THAT IT MEANS 10.10 OK? :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Malaysian timing

I damn fucking hate Malaysian timing >:( ! Can't they be punctual? Personally, I have the habit of being about 5 minutes early than the agreed time to gather, got it from my parents, don't make people wait for you. Similarly, I do expect people to give me the same courtesy in return. What's so important that you can't reach on time? 1-2 minutes late, I still can accept. But 10 minutes? During UFO2, XX said to gather at 9, sharp, dun be late. and yeah, guess who turned up 9.10? I'm really sick and tired of Malaysian timing! RAWR!!! think of other people too! It's not as if you're the only one who got stuff to do that you can come late while others have to wait for you like suckers, seeing the bus pass by one by one. It's a different story if you really have some important engagement on, but at least let people know about it 1st. I dislike to make people wait for me, and in turn, I hate to wait(I sound like Sasori right? =.=') Anyway, be considerate, be punctual, it's a virtue.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter movie sucks big time >.< here are some of the reasons why:

***Warning, spoilers, skip this part if you wanna watch for yourselves***

-The Dursleys(especially uncle Vernon) look very very retarded. Though this might be due to the fact of poor acting skills.
-Number 12 Grimmauld place was revealed to harry through a piece of paper given to him from mad-eye, written by dumbledore, not through mad eye knocking on the floor.
-Hannah Abbott was supposed to be the one asking Harry:"can you really produce a Patronus? A full fledged Patronus?", not Luna lovegood.
-Where's Mrs. Black's Portrait screaming?
-Phineas Nigellus, not even mentioned... (in case you dunno, he's sirius's ancestor, previous headmaster of hogwarts)
-Hermione and Ron are supposed to be prefects
-Hagrid was supposed to be back b4 Trelawney got sacked
-The fireworks are released after the OWLs, not during
-Where's quidditch?
-Cho wasn't the one who betrayed the DA, it was her friends Marietta
-Grawp looks a lot nicer in the movie compared to what was described in the book. He was supposed to have lopsided mouth, and his face wasn't supposed to look like a normal human's. And also, if I remembered correctly(i dun have the book with me now), Grawp doesn't have hair.
-The duel in the ministry is too much like naruto style, just flying off here and there and throwing kunai(in this case, magics) at each other.
-Lucius Malfoy didn't break the prophecy, it was supposed to be Neville's leg under the Tarantallegra curse.
-The last battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore looks a bit stupid. Most of the part it look like that they are dragonball characters, blasting energy waves at each other.
-The statues are supposed to come alive by dumbledore's magic to shield harry from voldemort. In the end there was one statue laying crumbled near harry, with even though it was perfectly still on the fountain throughout the whole battle.

***spoiler ends***

Just skip this movie, it's a waste of time and money.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Choir competition

We had our 1st competition of the folklore category on the 2nd day in Pattaya, 13th of July. Did Yu Ye Hua and Luk Luk Lumbu. After coming down from stage, we heard some inside news that our choir was one of the few that the judges clapped after performing our pieces :)

2nd competition is for the open-mixed category, on the 14th. Ave Maris Stella was better than usual, but still, it's horrible, not due to our skill, but due to the song itself :P . Shima E, honestly, I dun think it was one of our greatest time performing, but it's still alright. Bal-Laygi, I honestly think that we did our best, and that one time was the best ever that we ever performed. The shouting part, I have never ever heard anything like that during practices. Everyone, including me, did the screaming part with full power, and standing in the 1st row, I got the full effect from everyone from behind blasting at me, it was such a great feeling. Adrenaline rushed and all. I saw Terrence's face looking a bit emotional, but didn't notice that he was already crying until the others said they saw it when we went down stage. Was really really happy with our performance.

On the side note, we all started to play bridge like crazy. Everynight in Pattaya, played at least until 1-2 o'clock, only then will we go to sleep(ok, at least not me, I slept early for the two days that has competition, but after competition, I stayed up til quite late to play oso.). One crazy thing, on thre day when we were coming back to Singapore on the plane. Kelvin and mark won a game with a bid of 7 no trumps. meaning that they can't even afford to lose one hand @@ Kelvin's hand is consisted of almost all the aces, kings, queens and jacks... Anyway, that day when we flew back, it was night time. So the lights are mostly turned off. The only three spotlights on were on NUS choir's 'gambling den' XD. You could easily recognise where the NUS choir people are just by searching where the light is on. The rest of the passengers are all asleep, but we had 3 sets of cards and we kept playing after lift off. Ok I slept a while, and Pei Suen has the picture to proof it :P. Anyways, I oso have one picture of our dear alicen sleeping with her mouth wide open on the bus to pattaya....

Food was ok during the whole stay there, but there really just wasn't any authentic thailand food served during our stay there. the buffet was mostly consists of bland food. Well, we can't complain about that, we need to keep our voices for the competition, so we can't have spicy food spoiling our throats then. had one spicy one after the competition and it burned my throat a little bit. The next morning, started to feel that a sore throat is coming on, but still, in the afternoon, we went to a restaurant and I ordered a fried rice. It was quite hot, but still it's enjoyable. I enjoyed myself imagining what Kai Lin's expression will be after he eat the fried rice XD

Honestly speaking, from the bottom of my heart, I have never ever regretted joining NUS choir! You people are great! I love every single one of you guys and gals, you all made me feel a sense of belonging, just like what Terrence had said about our bunch, we are special! :D Through this competition, we all bonded even more closely. Truly, I feel a sense of belonging with you guys. Will miss the choir practices for these few weeks though... Anyway, I hope a new bunch of choristers will join us soon, and help us liven up NUS choir even more! Met a few promising freshies yesterday, and I hope to see them during the audition :)

Results day: We got gold C for both categories that we participated in, 4th place for folklore category, and 6th place for open-mixed. I'm very very satisfied with the results really, considering about half of us are new to choir. Means we all have great potential! We'll definitely secure the 1st prize for the next competition we're going! Honestly speaking, i got dejected a bit when the results are just announced, cuz we didn't get 1st prize, but after a while, I felt very satisfied with our results, and what i came here for wasn't for the 1st prize, it was to show what we can do :D One of the judges from phillipines gave us very high marks, high enough for gold A, and I'm very very satisfied with that, considering that we don't have any connections with him, and he don't have any reasons to bias for us, and also that he is one of the strictest judges ever! Though why Singapore judges gave us low marks, I have no idea. IMO, as long as what we sang sounds nice and you enjoyed it, it doesn't matter too much if we go a little bit flat or sharp together, and it makes the chord. either the singapore judges are too technical( like what Mr. Gao Gao said about the reasons for our Bal-Laygi marks, hmph!), or they are biased against us T.T...

Terrence's speech also helps liven up the mood that day, and I agree whole-heartedly with what he had said. Although... Aaron could check how we felt 1st b4 telling Terrence that we're dejected. Anyway, what he did was good too! That's the sign of a good leader, keeping the members spirit in a good form! And terrence, we, as the choir, love you too! You're a great conductor!

Ok, enough ranting then. Now it's time to go to the business canteen to meet up with the freshies from msl and later bring them to a campus tour :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lucky Day!

Woke up ard 9 this morning. Ate coco crunch(damn nice with cold milk ^^) and then start to watch animes and series til noon. Lunch, nap and then it's time for choir!

Went to Engine panggang stall for dinner, and I am veh veh lucky today! The uncle manning the stall is very generous today(it pays to be a regular ^^), gives me an extra piece of chicken, and a serving of vegetables without extra charge! hehe, was feeling damn happy all the way walking to choir. note to self though: dun buy milo after dinner, will make me feel too full >.<

Mini sectionals was ok, but today tenors not in form... T_T, kept singing wrong notes during small sectionals. Later around 7-8, I was surprised to see Kim Wong, Wai Kit, Suyin, Carly, Wen Hau and Eng Aun coming in to see our practice. We're supposed to perform in front of guests today, and I didn't know until we're supposed to perform >.<

Anyway, I think we did great, at least in front of 'novices'(quoting Terrence, not my words), we do sound very very good, but we still lack some facial expressions and stuff...

Presents for Adyll! Ohmygosh, the presents are really so funny! : bitch pills, a jar of notes that we all write for him^^, and an award from us to thank our dear student conductor!

Then it was time to celebrate birthday for our two dear choir members! Brian and Yu yan! Happy birthday you two! Wish you two all the best! And I wish that we'll come back as champions from Pattaya! Hmm, rephrase that: I'm sure we'll come back as champions from Pattaya!

Waiting for UFO2 too! can't wait to help torture *oops* you didn't see that! Can't wait to help our dear little juniors coming to NUS next /gg

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Tenors Rawk! Yeah Man! Tenors are the best! We're the most constant sections, and always got the correct notes! Yeah! hehe, feelin quite happy after Terrence's praises, wheeee! Hmm, and that's also the reason why tenors got tortured so much XD. Expecially Ave, I'm really almost sick of singing "Nos Culpis!!!!" =.=' dunno sing how many times dy, XD. Oh ya, and Adyll oso said we're good for luk luk, /gg.

Neway, going to Vivo to watch transformers later! Heard so many good reviews from friends, so so so kan cheaong dy! Gonna leave in an hour. Oh ya, chubs is back, maybe gonna bully him into playing RO with me later /gg.

RO journal:
Quests completed:
1. Arch Demon
2. Kakashi headgear
3. Haruhi Ribbon
4. Arch Angel
5. Death Hood
6. Face of Death
7. Quincy Bow
8. Alarm Mask
9. Moony Hat
10. Dark Angel

On-going quests:
1. Askydun guardians
2. Buster sword

Bugged quests:
1. Solar God helm(gave me a lousy apple instead >.<)

Sin-X Kirri: lvl 187
Sniper Septimus: lvl 165
Creator MSLeo: lvl 91
LK TrevorBelmont: lvl 139