Monday, September 28, 2009


For those who didn't know yet, following up from my last post, I have gotten the offer for commonwealth and am now staying there. Lucky got the offer last minute, saves a lot of money AND travel time.

Oh yeah, title for my fyp: polymeric photovoltaic cells. Until now, my assignment is still to read journals, and yeah, quite enjoying the freedom, but a bit scared for CA2.

Game Design is fun. For the 1st half of the semester, our group of 4 made a 2-player card game, based on Greek Gods and (which I think is perfectly lame, but oh well) Humans(What the hell? Gods leh, they can just crush human without even having to move a finger, how are humans supposed to go against them?). Here are some of the pictures used in the game:



Game Board Human(My design =D)

Game Board Gods(My Design too! =D)
so not going to upload any of the ugly human cards XP

Designing the board with photoshop is super pain in the ass cuz my com only has 1GB memory and photoshop alone eats about 500-600MB. Hanged dunno how many times dy. Without the hangs I'd be able to finish the work in about 2-3 hours? But it took me like a holw day to finish evreything with the hangs and restarting computer.

2nd half of the sem we're going to do a 3D game using Blender 3D. Learning how to use the program to generate 3D characters/images.

Chamber Singers! Challenging scores, and we have to learn to pronounce German, which imo includes a lot of throat clearing, tongue twisting, and the k' k' sound =b. Had our 1st performance which is some sort of a CA on the Monday before mid term break. I had sore throat that day but still went, and in the end I only managed to sing part of the 1st song and during the duration of the 2nd and third song I was busy trying to hold myself from coughing out loud on stage-phlegm stuck to my throat halfway through 1st song and made it so itchy that I'll cough if I try to sing, and even when i managed to make some sound(with the itchy throat) it sounded feeble and like someone on the deathbed trying to sing his last song. So in the end I just mouthed the words of the song. My 1st ever most pathetic performance >.< time ="b)." left ="(" day ="(" chicks ="b" booth =".=" class="thirdlevel_breadcrumbs">Toshiba Portege M900 - BROWN/ WHITE/ RED
Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology Core 2 Duo T9600
(2.8GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB);
Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset;
4 GB (2+2) DDR2 800MHz SDRAM up to 8GB (no free slot);
500 GB SATA Hard disk with shock absorbers and 3D motion sensors;
Built-in DVD Super Multi Double Layer Drive (DVD+-RW/RAM);
13.3" WXGA Super Clear View (1280 x 800);
ATI Radeon HD 4570 with 512MB DDR3 Video RAM; Class 2 Graphic card!
Touchpad with Gesture Control;
Conexant D450 Modem; Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN;
Marvell Yukon 88E8072 Gigabit Ethernet;
3 USB 2.0 (1 high speed eSATA/USB combo port);
ExpressCard Slot; Bluetooth 2.1; IEEE 1394;
1.3 Megapixel Webcam with SmartFace Technology;
5-in-1 Card Reader;
DOLBY Sound Room Audio
Built-in Stereo speakers;
Windows Vista Business;
Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium;
Microsoft Office 2007 Standard;
Notebook carrying case;
USB Optical Mouse;
2.0 kg (with 6-cell battery and integrated optical drive).
[3 years Local on-campus warranty and 3 years limited international parts and labour]

hmmm... see what's my mood when I get it tmrw lah. Nitez!

Something from Jeremy:
Jeremy's cousin was in a bus and this is what he heard from two bimbos:
Bimbo A: Hey, I think my hair is dry leh.
Bimbo B: Yealor, I think so too. Maybe because cuz u just came back from korea, it's summer there.
Bimbo A: But, summer in Korea same as summer in Singapore what...
Bimbo B: Yeahor...
Bimbo A: But maybe different continent, that's why...
Bimbo B: Ture also...
At this point, Bimbo A and Bimbo B went down the bus to NUS Arts faculty... *whistles*


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