Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Our group got the best project for project 1! yay! Upside is we get the best marks, downside is we have to go make a video presentation on our project >.<


Talking about project 1, we had 4 group members supposedly, but only 3 of us are working on the project. The fourth member is not doing anything at all at that time. He kept saying he'll learn the physics stuff from his 'geek'(his exact word, not mine) friend 1st, then only come join us. In the end he only came for 2-3 meetings. And during the final week when we were chiong-ing to finish the project(staying late until 2-3am in the morning), he never even appeared, didn't contact us, no nothing.

The Saturday before I asked him to come for our meeting but he says he haven't finish learning yet, so no point coming, will meet us after lecture on tuesday. Fine. On tuesday itself he never appeared, and didn't even give us a call or anything, so we just totally gave up on him and at that moment I decided for peer review, he'll get shit from us.

On the day of presentation, he showed up and said he did something from a microsoft template, but from what I see, the template wasn't even modify in the slightest bit... and during the presentation he even dared to say that we gave him a non-functional model, because it is tilted 90 degrees toward the air. At that point I really wanted to shout at him. If the model is not rotated in the correct direction, can't you just write one line to rotate it? And besides, this kind of thing would not have happened if he came for the meetings. All 3 of us knows at least roughly what the others are doing because we code together most of the time. It's not our fault that he didn't come for the meetings, we did inform him the 1st few times but he always skipped out, or do useless stuffs during the meetings. For the 1st meeting, rather than trying to code, he just read, and then go sleep in a corner... =.=' All the rest of us 3 are not exactly pro with XNA as well, but we sit there experimenting with the codes to learn.

Ajith and Janaka was nice to work with, although we didn't have a great structure in the beginning, such as what format are our inputs and outputs, but as we always code together, this problems are easily solved.

Well, at least now I won't be seeing him again for project 2, and hopefully not on project 3 as well.


I think I got good group mates for project 2, hopefully we'll get the best project =D


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